School Community Council


The School Community Council meets monthly on the first Thursday at 3:00 in the Salem Jr High School Main Office Conference Room to discuss the school improvement plan, the use of School Land Trust money, school building needs, and school level policies affecting students. Most members serve a two-year seat that can be filled upon reelection. The council is made up of administrators, teachers, and parents.
 Our 2016-2017 School Community Council members are:

Jennie Ward, Council Chairperson   801-691-3272
Wendy Kimber   801-368-1270
Monica Lamb   801-368-8316
Shelley Hendrickson   801-423-7989
Dawn Craner   801-960-6906
PTA Representative: Cyndi Jones   801-602-2489


Robert Fleming, Principal 801-423-6550
Kevin Mecham, Asst Principal (non-voting)    
Kristen Van De Graaff, Facilitator (non-voting) 801-423-6550
Cameo Johnson, Counselor 801-423-6550
DeAnna Ashworth, Teacher 801-423-6550
Scot Moldenhauer, Teacher 801-423-6550

Rules of Order and Procedure
School Improvement Plan
SIP Projected Budget Summary 2016-17 

Meeting Schedule 2016-17
Meetings begin at 3:00 p.m. in the Main Office Conference Room
October 6
November 10 (2nd Thursday)
December 1
January 5
February 2
March 2
April 13 (2nd Thursday due to Spring Break)
Agendas and Minutes