Welcome back to school! Here is the bell schedule for the 2016-17 school year. Our 9th graders this year will have 1st Lunch, our 7th graders will have 2nd Lunch, and our 8th graders will be split between the two lunches. Lunch for our 8th graders is based on their 4th period teacher.


  T,W,TH,F Monday
Period 1 8:00-9:05 8:00-9:10
Period 2 9:10-10:15 9:15-10:15
Period 3 10:20-11:25 10:20-11:20
First Lunch 11:25-11:55 11:20-11:50
Period 4 11:55-1:00 11:50-12:50
Period 4 11:30-12:35 11:25-12:25
Second Lunch 12:35-1:05 12:25-12:55
Period 5 1:05-2:10 12:55-1:55
OLYMPIC TM/ADV 2:15-2:40  

1st  Lunch - 9th & 8th Graders
Boyer (B Day), Brandon (B Day), Guilbert, Hartvigsen (B Day), Hayes, Hernandez, James (A Day),  Johnson, Jorgensen, McGrath (B Day), Mendenhall, Moser, Ortiz, Randall, Seminary, Shaffer (A Day),  Stolworthy (A Day), Taylor (B Day), Van De Graff, Williams R, Williams,C (A Day)

2nd Lunch - 7th & 8th Graders
Bellows, Busath, Gonzales, Guthrie (B Day), Haight, Hallam, Hartvigsen (A Day), Howard, Jackson, Keliiliki (B Day), Larsen, McGrath (A Day), Mouldenhauer, Rigby, Roberts, Rowley, Rupper, Shaffer (B Day), Stolworthy (B Day), Taylor (A Day), Ward, Winget (A Day), Wojahn 

Spartans had a good showing at district championships

Suzette Hartvigsen

Our wrestling team when to the district championship last week. All of our wrestlers put in a lot of hard work this season, and as a team, they got some pretty good results. Here are the students who placed in the championship:

4th Place: Hollister Hogle, Matt Casperson, Julian Gomez and Kenton Parkin

3rd Place: Tage Thomas, Dawson Wood, Luke Degraffenried and Peyton Bowden 

2nd Place: Brayden Thurgood 

1st Place: Clay Lyman 

The team placed 3rd overall in the district. Go Spartans!


School Dance January 12

Ashlyn Westwood

School dances are a fun way to get together as students of Salem Jr. High and have a great time. Our next school dance will be January 12, 2017 and will go from 7-9. Remember that you must bring your student ID and also $3. If you have any tardies or sluffs then be sure to make those up or you will not be able to attend. You must be picked up at approximately 9:00 pm and there will be no activity of any sort at the school after the dance.

Legacy Wall at Salem Jr High

Our new Legacy Wall, which highlights "Liberty's Story," was installed over the Christmas Break in the 300 Hall by the Cafeteria. It looks awesome! Thanks to all those who contributed money to bring it to our school. We raised nearly $4000 through community donations. Come by the school some time and see it. You can also learn more by using the interactive features online by scanning the QR code located on the first plaque of the wall. Thank you so much for your support of Salem Junior High School.

New Years!!!

Tyler Nelson

Written by Tyler Nelson on the SaJHS news blog. You can read more by Tyler and other students by following the link.

3-2-1 Happy New Year!

With 2016 coming to a close and 2017 just beginning it’s a fresh start for all of us.  Many significant things have happened in 2016 which you could argue that they were either good or bad.