Welcome back to school! Here is the bell schedule for the 2016-17 school year. Our 9th graders this year will have 1st Lunch, our 7th graders will have 2nd Lunch, and our 8th graders will be split between the two lunches. Lunch for our 8th graders is based on their 4th period teacher.


  T,W,TH,F Monday
Period 1 8:00-9:05 8:00-9:10
Period 2 9:10-10:15 9:15-10:15
Period 3 10:20-11:25 10:20-11:20
First Lunch 11:25-11:55 11:20-11:50
Period 4 11:55-1:00 11:50-12:50
Period 4 11:30-12:35 11:25-12:25
Second Lunch 12:35-1:05 12:25-12:55
Period 5 1:05-2:10 12:55-1:55
OLYMPIC TM/ADV 2:15-2:40  

1st  Lunch - 9th & 8th Graders
Boyer (B Day), Brandon (B Day), Guilbert, Haight, Hayes, Hernandez, James (A Day), Johnson, Jorgensen, Keliiliki (A Day), Larsen (B Day), McGrath (B Day), Mendenhall, Moser, Pedersen-MurriSeminary,
Shaffer (B Day),  Stolworthy, Taylor, Van De Graff, Williams R, Williams,C (A Day)

2nd Lunch - 7th & 8th Graders
Bellows, Boyer (A Day), Busath, Gonzales, Guthrie (B Day), Hallam, Hartvigsen, Howard, Jackson,
Keliiliki (B Day), Larsen (A Day), McGrath (A Day), Miya (A Day), 
Mouldenhauer, Rigby, Roberts, Rowley, Rupper, Ward, Winget (A Day), Wojahn 

New Shipment of Library Books!

Gracie Gagon

The library is getting a huge new shipment of books this Tuesday! Some of the new books include: Calamity, Beauty of Darkness, Heart of Betrayal, Hikaru no go series, along with many other interesting series and novels. All of these books are fun to read and so interesting. Be sure to check out all of the new shipments of awesome books this coming week!

Winners of our first school Spelling Bee

Taggert Brower

Congratulations to Lexi Webster and Lana Marks who won the school-wide spelling bee! Lexi Webster got 1st place and  Lana Marks was right behind her in 2nd place.  They lasted 18 rounds!  They are going to State on March 25th.  The journalism team interviewed Lana and she said that she studied for an hour to get to 2nd place.  1st place winner Lexi Webster got a $15 gift card to iTunes and Lana Marks received a $10 dollar gift card to Burger King.  Congratulations to you both and good luck at State!

February Math Muncher Question 1

Every month, our math teachers challenge students at our school by posting three questions that students can answer to get tickets to enter a drawing at the end of the month. One student from each grade is chosen to win a prize. Each question gets progressively harder and is worth more tickets. Question 1 is worth one ticket, Question 2 is worth two tickets, and Question 3 is, of course, worth 3 tickets. This is Question 1 for the month of February. Can you answer it? Share with your friends to see if they can as well.


Students of the Month for February


The students of the month for February have been announced. These students have really impressed their teachers with their work ethic and great attitudes. Here at SaJHS we try to recognize as many students as possible who are doing great things. Make sure to congratulate them if you see them

These are the ones we chose for February: 

7th: Lainy Edwards and Tyler Larsen

8th: Lexie Bishop and Corbin Swartz

9th: Miah Hartvigsen and Jared Arce