Welcome back to school! Here is the bell schedule for the 2016-17 school year. Our 9th graders this year will have 1st Lunch, our 7th graders will have 2nd Lunch, and our 8th graders will be split between the two lunches. Lunch for our 8th graders is based on their 4th period teacher.


    T,W,TH,F Monday
Period 1   8:00-9:05 8:00-9:10
Period 2   9:10-10:15 9:15-10:15
Period 3 10:20-11:25 10:20-11:20
First Lunch 11:25-11:55 11:20-11:50
Period 4 11:55-1:00 11:50-12:50
Period 4 11:30-12:35 11:25-12:25
Second Lunch 12:35-1:05 12:25-12:55
Period 5 1:05-2:10 12:55-1:55
OLYMPIC TM/ADV 2:15-2:40  
*Teachers with 4th prep
are not assigned a particular lunch:
  1st  Lunch - 9th & 8th Graders 2nd Lunch - 7th & 8th Graders
Ashworth   Boyer (B Day) Bellows
Boyer (A Day)   Brandon (B Day) Busath
Brandon (B Day)   Guilbert Gonzales
Guthrie (A Day)   Hartvigsen (B Day) Guthrie (B Day)
Herbert   Hayes Haight
    Hernandez Hallam
Huhtala   James (A Day) Hartvigsen (A Day)
James (B Day)   Johnson Howard
Keliiliki (A Day)   Jorgensen Jackson
Miya   McGrath (B Day) Keliiliki (B Day)
Winget (B Day)   Mendenhall Larsen
Barber   Moser McGrath (A Day)
    Ortiz Mouldenhauer
    Randall Rigby
    Seminary Roberts
    Shaffer (A Day) Rowley
    Stolworthy (A Day) Rupper
    Taylor (B Day) Shaffer (B Day)
    Van De Graff Stolworthy (B Day)
  Williams Taylor (A Day)
  Williams,C (A Day) Ward
    Winget (A Day)

Art Class and 3D Tape Sculptures


I love walking past the art classrooms at our school. They always have great projects posted in the hall and everyone can see what they have been learning to do. During the day, art students are always engaged in their learning and having a great time as Mr. Shaffer and Ms. Hallam teach them ways to express their creativity. The other day I walked past Ms. Hallam's class, and her students were having a great time building 3D Tape Sculptures. What a great idea for an art project.

October Students of the Month


Congratulations to our October students of the month!

These students exemplify being SPARTAN STRONG in Body, Heart, and Mind. Thanks for being a Salem Jr High Spartan: Gabe Goheen, Sami Pfaff, Jase Hendrickson, Malorie Bigler, Camie Thurgood, Isaac Barnum