Water line breaks causing flooding- school remains open

Amy Huhtala

SaJHS had a water line break at the school this morning. The water flooded the 400 Hall and the three classrooms in that hall (Ms. James, Mr. Brooks, and the PE Classroom). The water also got down into the Multi-purpose room and that entire hall. The Salem Fire Department, Nebo District Maintenance, and SaJHs custodians and administration worked all morning to clear the water and dry the carpets. School will be held as normal on Monday.

2016 8th grade Geography Bee

Hyrum Devenport

On January 27, Salem Jr High held its second annual Geography Bee. The Geography Bee is a contest, resembling a spelling bee, but, instead of asking the spelling of words, the Geography Bee asks the names of countries. The purpose of the Geography Bee is to encourage eighth-grade students to learn geography. According to Mrs. Van De Graaff, a teacher at Salem Jr, who both ran and acted as a judge at the Bee, it was very successful at fulfilling this purpose.

Opinions on Olympic Time

Sophie Callister and Jocelyn Johnson

Olympic time is quite different than it was last year. There are many different opinions about it as well. We personally think that we should have olympic time on Thursday and then on Wednesdays we have advisory. This way we think people will want to try harder to be able to go to enrichments and it also gives an extra day to catch up in classes. We made a survey to send to the 8th grade english classes to see some students opinions on olympic time. Here are their responses.