Welcome back to school! Here is the bell schedule for the 2016-17 school year. Our 9th graders this year will have 1st Lunch, our 7th graders will have 2nd Lunch, and our 8th graders will be split between the two lunches. Lunch for our 8th graders is based on their 4th period teacher.


    T,W,TH,F Monday
Period 1 8:00-9:05 8:00-9:05
Period 2 9:10-10:15 9:10-10:10
Period 3 10:20-11:25 10:15-11:15
First Lunch 11:25-11:55 11:15-11:45
Period 4 11:55-1:00 11:45-12:45
Period 4 11:30-12:35 11:20-12:20
Second Lunch 12:35-1:05 12:20-12:50
Period 5 1:05-2:10 12:50-1:55
OLYMPIC TM/ADV 2:15-2:40  
*Teachers with 4th prep
are not assigned a particular lunch:
  1st  Lunch 2nd Lunch
Ashworth   Boyer (B Day) Bellows
Boyer (A Day)   Brandon (B Day) Busath
Brandon (B Day)   Guilbert Gonzales
Guthrie (A Day)   Hartvigsen (B Day) Guthrie (B Day)
Herbert   Hayes Haight
Huhtala   James (A Day) Hallam
James (B Day)   Johnson Hartvigsen (A Day)
Keliiliki (A Day)   Jorgensen Howard
Miya   McGrath (B Day) Jackson
Winget (B Day)   Mendenhall Keliiliki (B Day)
Barber   Moser Larsen
    Ortiz McGrath (A Day)
    Randall Mouldenhauer
    Seminary Rigby
    Shaffer Roberts
    Stolworthy (B Day) Rowley
    Taylor (B Day) Rupper
    Van De Graff Stolworthy (A Day)
  Williams Stripling
  Williams,C (A Day) Taylor (A Day)
      Winget (A Day)


Bus Drivers Needed

Lana Hiskey

Nebo bus drivers and attendants wanted. The district provides needed training. Daily routes are open for the beginning of school. Starting pay for drivers is $15.23 and attendants $11.32. Please apply online at

Summer Meals

Summer Meals from the Utah Food Bank available for youth to 18 years of age. This is a great program to help our youth to have a nutritious lunch if it is not available at home. There is a Payson and a Spanish Fork site for our Salem youth. Please read the attached information for more information.

Lagoon- More than just a field trip

Lily Christensen


Annually, our school has the privilege of spending a day at Lagoon. Lagoon is an amusement park, and the trip takes place Wednesday, May 18th. There is many eligibility requirements, fees and other information that you will be able to find in the SaJHS Newsletter in April.