Band Movie Day

Daniel Stolworthy

On Saturday April 18th the band had a free movie day at Spanish Fork Water Gardens movie theater with over 180 students, parents, and friends in attendance! Two movie theater auditoriums were reserved for band members and their friends and family to enjoy a free movie and free popcorn. Several incoming band students attended as well and look forward to being to be part of the Salem Jr. High band next school year. Make sure to join band so you don't miss out on the free movie day next year!

Student Artwork Needed!

Lisa Magnusson

We have an awesome opportunity to showcase student artwork.  In May, there will be an art show featuring artwork from all the junior high schools in our district.  We are looking for awesome pieces to represent our school.  Students, if you are interested in participating, bring an artwork that you made this school year to Ms. Magnusson's room.  This can be artwork you made at school, at home, or in another class or art lesson.  It can be 2-D (like a drawing, painting, or photograph) or 3-D.  All artwork needs to be labeled with your name and grade and submitted to Ms.

Huhtala's students create Camp Half Blood!

Amy Huhtala

The 7th graders are reading "The Lightning Thief" and Mrs. Huhtala's and Mr. Brook's 5th and 6th period classes have turned Room 117 into Camp Half Blood. Every year, students in Room 117 compete to be the winners of the Cabin Wars by doing well as a group. Each student has been "named" a demi god from one of the following gods or goddesses: Athena, Ares, Poseidon, Demeter, Apollo, and Zeus. This coming Wednesday, students will compete in their first olympian quest. More pictures of Camp Half Blood will be posted through out Term 4. Stay tuned to see what the "Olympians" are up to.