SaJHS Wrestlers do well at District Tournament

Justin Brooks

The SaJHS wrestlers did well at the District Tournament on Thursday. Watch Coach Brooks talk about the tournament in the Spartan Chronicle News Show Friday broadcast here

Geography Bee Winners

Kristen Van De Graff

Salem Jr. High just completed our first annual National Geographic Geography Bee. Thirty three eighth grade students qualified to participate in our school bee. After 2.5 hours of rigorous geographical questioning the winners were determined! Aubrey Tasker took third, Kaitlyn Mehl took second and Bradley Barben took first place. Bradley will move on in the competition by taking the state qualifying test for the chance to compete in the state geography bee later this semester. Winners of the state geography bee will compete in a national geography bee in Washington D.C. The National Champion will receive a $50,000 scholarship and a tropical vacation. Congratulations to all the geography bee participants! We hope to make it a tradition here at Salem Jr. High.

Administration treats faculty to breakfast

Amy Huhtala

As Term 2 wound to a close on Thursday afternoon, the halls of SaJHS were bustling and many students could be found staying after school to complete last minute assignments in hopes to raise their Term 2 grade. But Friday morning was a different story. 

Teachers were scheduled to work a full day on Friday in their classrooms getting ready for 2nd semester. They were happy to have a day to work on much needed planning or grading. As a treat, the administration treated the faculty to breakfast-- not just any breakfast-- this was homemade by Mr. Fleming, Mr. Mecham, and Mrs. Haider. 

Drama 2 Class Performs "Alcestis"

Whitney Wilde and Delaney Christensen

The Drama 2 class will present their performance of the Greek play "Alcestis" Monday, January 12 at 6:30 p.m. here at the school. Admission is free. All students and their families are invited to attend. 

Here is a link to the trailer for the performance (complements of the Spartan Chronicle News Show):

Chronicle News Show broadcasts 9th Show and first-ever Christmas episode

Amy Huhtala

The Spartan Chronicle, SaJHS student newspaper, just broadcasted its ninth news show. The show is written, filmed, edited, and produced by Journalism students each week. Freshmen Delaney Christensen and Whitney Wilde are the creators the the Spartan New Shows. 

To watch their Christmas episode, click here

Fine Arts Christmas assembly gets good reviews

Amy Huhtala

On Thursday, December 18, students were able to attend a Fine Arts Christmas Assembly in which the school choirs, band, orchestra, and drama students performed some of their best work yet. Art student's work was also displayed by projector throughout the assembly. 

Journalism class visits BYUtv broadcasting facility

Amy Huhtala

On December 11, Journalism students toured the BYUtv broadcasting studios. Whitney and Delaney were able to record footage for their news show right from the Studio C studio. 

Students were shown all 3 studios at BYUtv including Studio C complete with a stadium seating for live audiences. They were also able to see the studio where Sports Nation is filmed. 

Before their trip to the broadcasting building, Journalism students got a treat by eating lunch together at Brick Oven. 

Groundbreaking on new long jump pit December 2

Thomas Barrett, Spartan Chronicle

SaJHS now has a new long jump pit, thanks to Ethan Mayfield, a Sophomore at Salem Hills High School, as well as many volunteers from our school and the community. The groundbreaking ceremony was held Tuesday, December 2. Three SaJHS students “broke in” the pit by practicing a run down the newly constructed asphalt path. Ethan estimated about 500 hours of work has been put into the project. Coach Blachard expressed his thanks to Ethan, and stated that this double long jump pit will help our track team practices immensely.

Our new long jump pit has a 2-pits and a asphalt path. The runner runs down the track, and then tries to jump the longest amount of area. They then land in the pit. The double pit allows 2 long jump competitors to practice at the same time. 

However, they haven’t been able to practice these events as much, because only Salem Hills has the facilities to compete in these events. Coach Blanchard said: “It makes sense to have track and field facilities because they are so popular at our school.” Thus the long jump has arrived at our school. Our school hopes to also have a shot put and discus area soon within the year.


Dedication Tuesday for long jump pit built for Eagle project

Jordan Blanchard

Ethan Mayfield, former students of SaJHS, has been working hard to give the school a long jump pit for his Eagle Scout project. Many community members and school staff have come together to help on this project. The dedication for the long jump pit will be after school on Tuesday, December 2.