Water line breaks causing flooding- school remains open

Amy Huhtala

SaJHS had a water line break at the school this morning. The water flooded the 400 Hall and the three classrooms in that hall (Ms. James, Mr. Brooks, and the PE Classroom). The water also got down into the Multi-purpose room and that entire hall. The Salem Fire Department, Nebo District Maintenance, and SaJHs custodians and administration worked all morning to clear the water and dry the carpets. School will be held as normal on Monday.

2016 8th grade Geography Bee

Hyrum Devenport
Left to right: Josh Abbott, Silas Wallentine, Bryn Riley

On January 27, Salem Jr High held its second annual Geography Bee. The Geography Bee is a contest, resembling a spelling bee, but, instead of asking the spelling of words, the Geography Bee asks the names of countries. The purpose of the Geography Bee is to encourage eighth-grade students to learn geography. According to Mrs. Van De Graaff, a teacher at Salem Jr, who both ran and acted as a judge at the Bee, it was very successful at fulfilling this purpose. She says, “I had twenty kids in [my room] for the last month… learning country locations.” This year, Silas Wallentine, Bryn Riley and Josh Abbott took first, second and third places, respectively.

To determine who will participate in the Geography Bee, 8th graders take a test. The top 35 scorers are invited to participate. Participation, however, is optional. Only 29 of the invited 35 actually chose to participate this year.

The Bee itself is split into three rounds. In the first of these, the preliminary round, acts as an elimination round. The top 10 contestants in this round move on to the finals. In the finals, participants are asked questions, and, once they miss two of them, they are eliminated. The final two in this round go on to the championships. Answers in the championships, unlike previous rounds, are written, not spoken. Three questions are asked, and the person who gets the most right wins. If necessary, there can be further tiebreaker rounds.

The winner of the school-level Geography Bee can continue on to compete at state and, if they win there, national-ranking contests. While the prizes at smaller school Bees, atlases and board games, may seem trivial, the winnings at these more prestigious competitions are, as would be expected, much more illustrious. The grand prize of the national tournament is a Galapagos vacation and a staggering $50,000 scholarship.

Considering the success and reception of the Geography Bee, it is planned that it will continue to be a yearly event at Salem Jr High, much to the delight of teachers and parents. Hopefully, it will continue to inspire learning and knowledge in our students.

Opinions on Olympic Time

Sophie Callister and Jocelyn Johnson

Olympic time is quite different than it was last year. There are many different opinions about it as well. We personally think that we should have olympic time on Thursday and then on Wednesdays we have advisory. This way we think people will want to try harder to be able to go to enrichments and it also gives an extra day to catch up in classes. We made a survey to send to the 8th grade english classes to see some students opinions on olympic time. Here are their responses.




Do you like having advisory on Thursday?



Do you like the time to look at your grades and make a plan during Advisory?



Would you rather have olympic time on Thursday or advisory?

olympic time: 21

advisory: 7

If you could change one thing about olympic time what would it be?

Want to change: Majority says they don’t want to sign up.

Don’t want to change:5 said they don’t want to change anything about olympic time and they like it how it is.

What is your overall opinion on olympic time?

18 people say they enjoy olympic time how it is.

13 people say they want to change olympic time to how it was last year.

As you can see there are many different opinions on olympic time that should be taken into consideration on how we can make olympic time better everyone. Thanks!


Look! A New Kid

Hadley Smith
Photo Cred: Sophie Callister

Have you ever been a new kid? It is one of the most horrifying things on the face of this planet. You have no Idea who is who, what classes you will like, If people will be nice and actually acknowledge you. I recently transferred to Salem Junior High and I was terrified. I came with the impression that everyone here would be total hicks and that kids would ride their tractors to school. I had met some people and they were very nice but from my other middle school experiences I figured that not all students would be as amazing. I was totally wrong. Every person I have met here has greeted me with a smile and a welcome.

At Salem Junior, there aren't a bunch of cliques, everyone knows everyone else and everyone is friends. When I came home from my school on the first day I told my mom that everyone at Salem was crazy nice. “like Canadian stereotype nice.” It is such a stark difference from my old school where if there was a new student a couple people would introduce themselves if they were aware that there was a new student. If you are a new student here at Salem or you are considering transferring to salem you should because you will feel welcome immediately and if you are worried about friends don’t because people will be lining up around the school just to meet you.  If you are already at Salem, thanks for being so amazing and keep up the good work! :)


Sports Highlight- Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey

Sophie Callister

It was November 14, 2015, in the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne Australia. Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm were up to fight. It wasn’t until the 2nd round of the UFC 193 main event that Holly Holm had Rousey unconscious. It was an incredible win that will most likely be remembered forever in MMA history.

This huge event was over a month ago and people are still talking about how Holly Holm, the underdog, defeated the undefeated Ronda Rousey. According to mmamania.com, Thomas Myers says, “Indeed, Holm handed the unstoppable Rousey-- UFC’s most dominant champion and its biggest star--...”

Some say Rousey wasn’t well prepared and that Holm had the fight all mapped out. Others also think that Holly Holm just “got lucky”. Although some theories may be true, the main thing had to do with the fighting styles. These two fighters had a “mismatch of styles” which may have thrown off Rousey while also giving Holm an advantage. When the 2nd round came, it was a head kick knockout that had Rousey unconscious.

This kind of thing does not happen all the time when an underdog beats the undefeatable. So when it does, people go crazy and remember it for a lifetime. This miraculous and shocking fight will be remembered forever in MMA history.

Winter Sports

Sophie Callister
Picture Credit: Winter Sports Wallpapers

A lot of people might think that when December is over, winter is over. But that is definitely not the case. According to almanac.com, spring doesn’t start until March 20th. During these last few months of winter, there are many different winter sports you can try out to stay productive. Some are outside, and some you can do inside! You can also do these sports almost anywhere in Utah! Some of these winter sports include ice skating, hockey, snowboarding, sledding, skiing, and snowshoeing.

Ice skating is one of the winter sports that you can do inside or outside. It is also a great way to stay productive and have fun during the winter. Ice skating is also included in other sports like hockey, which you can also do inside or outside. Both of these winter sports are also included in the winter Olympics. You can try out these sports at Peaks Ice Arena in Provo, just 20 minutes away!

Snowboarding and sledding are also good ways to stay productive in this cold weather. It helps with exercise because you have to walk back up steep hills to try again. You can go sledding and snowboarding at Peteetneet in Payson, or on any steep hill that is safe near you. Skiing is another great way to stay fit and is also included in the winter Olympics.

Lastly there is snowshoeing. Snowshoeing is basically hiking, except you’re going through the snow. The snowshoes are supposed to help you keep your feet from sinking into the deep, cold, and wet snow. If you love hiking and you love snow, snowshoeing is the winter sport for you!

As you can see, there are many different winter sports that are fun, and easy to get to! If you’re not so into the normal sports, you can try some of these! These are just some out of many different ways to stay productive during the cold winter.

Band Concert

Zach Hunter

On Monday the 7th, the SaJhs Bands performed for their winter concert. They’d been practicing for months and put on a great show, but there was some hassle earlier that day. The percussion class met with the Concert Band for the first time during Olympic time that day. They only got through one song in that period, so they decided on an practice at 4:00 that day. They practiced some more and were ready.

The bands put on a great show and I asked some band members about it. Triston plays guitar in the Jazz Band. He thought the concert was fun especially the songs. He liked to play in Tenor Madness their concluding song. He was confident and nervous before the concert, but did a great job.

Amelia is in the Beginning Band Woodwind class. She liked watching the other bands perform. Her favorite song to play was Lyric Prelude. She was nervous about her clarinet squeaking while she played, but everything turned out good.

The last person I interviewed was a tuba player named Finlay. He is in the Jazz Band too, and plays the trumpet as well. His favorite Jazz Band song was Tenor Madness, because he thought it was a great. His favorite Concert Band song was Black Forest Overture. He did an awesome job.

In all, the Winter Band concert was awesome with great music from great musicians. If you ever have time, come to their concerts and support the band.


Choir Concert Tomorrow

Laura Johnson
Picture Cred: Laura Johnson


The Salem Junior High Christmas Choir Concert will be on Tuesday December 15 (tomorrow).  All choir students will report to the Salem Hills High School at 5:30pm for a dress rehearsal.  It will last from 5:30 to 6:30pm.  At 6:30 the doors will open allowing the public to start filling the seats.  The actual concert will start at 7:00 pm and will go until about 8:00.  Chorus One, Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, and Women’s Chorus-all choirs at the school- will be each performing three songs directed by our awesome choir director Mrs. Brooksby and student teacher Mrs. Yhates.  Good Luck SaJHS Choirs and Merry Christmas!



Christmas Break

Grace Stokes

Christmas break is just around the corner and all students are anxious for the two week break over the exciting December holiday. However for every good, unfortunately, there has to be a bad. Along with the upcoming break there is also end of term which means students will be busy completing and turning in late and/or missing assignments along with getting their low grades up. With the end of term heading our way it would be a smart idea to take advantage of our Olympic time in the afternoons. There are many many options to make up your classes such as study halls for all classes, morning enrichment, math help after school, etc. I recommend that you take advantage of these offers so you can enjoy a stress free Christmas break.

Speaking of Christmas break I interviewed a few students to see if they had any upcoming plans for Christmas break. Caimbree Gordon, a seventh grader at SAJHS said this Christmas break she is going to “Temple square and to hang out with her dance friends”. Kye Headman, also a seventh grader at SAJHS, said for spring break he is going to “Hang with friends and sleep”. Many other students at our school have many exciting plans for the two week break and will return with many fascinating stories to tell. Enjoy the holidays and be safe, Merry Christmas!


Netsmartz Assembly

Bridger Hall
Photo Cred: Netsmartz


On Friday December 11th we had an awesome internet safety assembly brought to you by NetSmartz. It was to educate kids on how to be safe on the internet. What types of information is ok to post on social media and how to tell if someone is taking advantage of you on the internet or social media sites. Read the terms of service on apps, Some apps are allowed to send text messages without you knowing or post on instagram whenever they want with your account. The internet is a scary place if you are safe on it. Thank you! NetSmartz.