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September 2015


Submitted by amy.huhtala on Wed, 09/30/2015 - 10:03
Zach Hunter
9th grade volleyball team
Cross Country runner
Freshman Football Team

The students at Salem Jr love sports. We have school teams such as the Girls Tennis team and the Cross Country team. We also have the 9th grade Girls Volleyball team. We also have 7th, 8th, and 9th grade football teams. Later in the year we have the Boys and Girls 9th grade basketball teams, with the wrestling team and the Boys Tennis team.  But we don’t just support school sports. Lots of students like to watch college and professional sports. I wanted to see what sports the general student body like.

I first interviewed two 7th graders. One was Shelby Reid and she really likes volleyball. She has played for four years now, and is an outside and middle hitter. She also loves to watch other teams play. Tyler Nelson is the other 7th grader. His favorite sport is baseball. He has played for eight years. Wow! He is on the Utah Owls and plays shortstop. His favorite team is the Los Angeles, and his favorite sport to watch is football.

Then I interviewed two 8th graders. Blake Collins’ favorite sport is basketball and he has been playing for four years. His second favorite sport is golf and he also likes football. The Utah Jazz is favorite team but he agrees with pretty much everyone that they used to be good. The next 8th grader was Wyatt Wilcock. His favorite sport is baseball. His favorite sports is the Angles too! He plays second base and has played for eight years, and yet again football is his favorite sport to watch.

As you can see, students like a variety of sports. It ranges from volleyball to golf. The students also have played for many years. This just show the fascination SaJhs has with sports.


Vending Machines

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Wed, 09/30/2015 - 09:51
Sophie Callister

Vending machines provide snacks and drinks for students all around the school. Many people use them all year long. Our school, Salem Jr.High, has 3 vending machines open to students. Two of them are for snacks and treats and the other one is for drinks.

In the drinks vending machine, everything is $1.00. It has water, orange juice, and apple juice. Everything in the snack vending machines are also $1.00. It has many kinds of chips, fruit snacks and gummies, granola bars, mini cookie bites, chex mix, and more. One rule with the vending machines is there are no refunds. So we are going to see what students think about the snacks and rules for the vending machines.

We decided to interview two students,both in 8th grade. Here is what the 8th grader, Cole Jones, said about the following questions:

Question #1: Do you like the snacks and drinks that the school provides in the vending machines?

Answer: “ Well, they’re pretty good. I like the goldfish.”

Question #2: What other kind of drinks or snacks would you like to have in the vending machines?”

Answer: “Like, an entire row of poptarts. Every flavor of poptarts. All the flavors!!”

Question #3: Do you think the “no refunds” rule is fair? Why?

Answer: “Yeah. You put money in the vending machine, you’ve already lost it. Just get candy it’s worth it.”

Here is how the other 8th grader, Cameron Taylor, responded to the same questions:

Question #1: Do you like the snacks and drinks that the school provides in the vending machines?

Answer: “ Yes, they have actually good selections this year. Better than last year.”

Question #2: What other kind of drinks or snacks would you like to have in the vending machines?”

Answer: “Gum and non baked chips.”

Question #3: Do you think the “no refunds” rule is fair? Why?

Answer: “Yes and no... Yeah, I’d say yeah.”

Based off these two interviews, you can see that the students like the school vending machines. We hope the students of our school, Salem Jr. High, continue to use the vending machines. Thank you.


School Pictures- Editorial

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Wed, 09/30/2015 - 09:48
Skylee Morris

Once every school year the school does this thing called ” try and look nice, but then you take a picture and then you turn into a zombie when the camera flashes” day, also known as picture day. At first you think your picture is going to be fantastic, then you see your picture and realize you look not as attractive as you thought. That means no girls for you boys if they see your picture and the same for you girls. I mean obviously that’s all we care about when we’re in school, just kidding education is the real deal here at Salem junior High. Although I am still not okay with that fact that in my yearbook picture I look like I came back from the dead, I probably died looking at my school picture actually. In all seriousness I just wish there was a way our school pictures could turn out as expected.

The thing is maybe the reason we don’t like our pictures is, because we aren’t accepting enough of ourselves and so we make our brain think we look horrible and we most likely do, but maybe not to everyone else. That might also be the reasons we like our self portraits way better then when other people take them, because we can fix almost everything about them and sometimes we fix them to the point we no longer look like ourselves. It would be a cool idea is all of the students to took their own selfies and put those in the yearbook instead then we would be an even cooler school.


Just say "NO" to Bullying- Editorial

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Wed, 09/30/2015 - 09:31
Paige Headman

Being bullied is a scary thing. Sometimes it is even scarier to tell people about it. I want to tell all the people who are being bullied how to handle it. I interviewed two people from this school, first, a seventh grader named Jadeon Pierce. She says she has never been bullied before, she hasn’t seen anyone being bullied either. But if she did see someone being bullied she would confront them she claims. I also interviewed an eighth grader named Lily Christensen. I asked if she had ever been bullied before and she said that yes she had. She also claimed she had seen people being bullied before. I asked if the bully had stopped and she replied saying yes. She said the best way to get the bully to stop is to tell an adult that will actually try and help you. I want to keep this school a no bully zone. So please if you are being bullied or see someone being bullies do something about it. 


Cross Country

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Mon, 09/28/2015 - 10:19
Zach Hunter


The Salem Jr High Cross-Country team is a huge running team that competes against other schools. They have a big team that consists of 7th-9th  graders. They are super fast and have a fun time at practice. For the boys' team, Ty Bailey has won every meet so far. 

The team trains a lot. They practice Monday,Tuesday,Thursday, and on Friday they have their meets. During a normal practice they start out with a warm-up lap that is a half mile. Then they do a combination of stretches for 5 min. Those two things they do everyday. Then they do a unique workout for the day. Some of them are  just running east from the school for 11 minutes and then coming back. Another workout is running the school’s course once or twice. They also run around Christensen’s Loop.

 I interviewed Carter Wilkey who got 15th overall at the last meet at Mapleton Jr High. This is his first year running on the Cross-Country team. He is really fast and got 9:40 on his race last Friday. His goal for the end of the season is to get a 9:15. He says he likes to compete because he wants to see what his limits are.

I also interviewed Braden Ritchie who is a 7th grader. It is also his first year running and he does it for good exercise. His favorite workout is running around Christensen’s Loop. He also enjoys their cereal parties they have about once a week.

Cross-Country is a really cool team with big Spartan Spirit. Everyone helps one another and cheers them on. They are really improving and having fun doing it. Go Cross-Country.





Submitted by amy.huhtala on Mon, 09/28/2015 - 10:06
Zach Hunter
Mrs. Ward's 3rd Period
Mrs. Huhtala's 3rd Period

We have a big variety of classes at this school. It ranges from Band to Agriculture. Some students’ favorite period is lunch. As you can see there can be a big difference between students’ choices. I wanted to get more points of view on this subject so I interviewed a couple students from each grade level to see what they say.      

Shawn Thorne is a 9th grader that has been in a lot of different classes. He doesn’t like Olympic time and like many students he came in thinking he would like one class, but is having more fun in another. He thought his favorite class would be P.E., but it turns out he likes English a lot.

Peyton Bowden is an 8th grader this year that is having a lot of fun this year whose favorite period is Olympic Time. He likes to get his grades up and hang out with his friends in the gym. He says the most homework comes from his math class. He’s having a great school year and having fun in class.

Amelia Hunter is a 7th grader and super excited to be in junior high. Her favorite class is Mr. Busath’s English. She likes it because there are fun books and games. She says the class with the most homework is Band, but she really enjoys it. She is also looking forward to 7th grade Science next semester.

As you can see there are many classes that are favorites. You also can see that what class you like now, might be different than what you thought it would be. Talk to your friends and see what classes they like, and maybe see what you want to take in the future.

Spirit Week

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Mon, 09/28/2015 - 09:50
Peyton Bowden

Last week at Salem Junior High was spirit week. Spirit week is a week with a lot of fun events, such as events in olympic time, fun run, dress up days, and assembly’s. Salem Junior High students love this week. The Salem Student Council can plan the events and choose the dress up days for the week. Spirit week shows our support for the school.

Spirit week is mostly honored by the dress up days. Many people participate in these fun activities. Such as nerd day, people will mimic nerds by dressing up and if you're lucky enough you will get in the yearbook. On Tuesday and we had Hawaiian day, Wednesday was Backwards day, Thursday is twin day, and Friday spirit week. Honor your school by wearing school colors so that you can get a prize at lunch. This week we also have a fun run where multiple students get to run, if you win you will get announced in the assembly.

Mr. Flemming does this for multiple reasons. It shows how we support our school. We love to show pride here in Salem Junior High, people will participate because  love to have fun. The High School has Homecoming so doing these events with them shows that we love the city of Salem. These are the reasons why the Schools in Salem do this. Spirit week is by far a fun time for students.

Lagoon Day

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Mon, 09/28/2015 - 09:45
Sophie Callister

Every year around the end of the school year, many districts in the state go to Lagoon as an enrichment for the Junior High and High School students. For those of you who don’t know what that is, Lagoon is an amusement park in Farmington Utah. Many people visit Lagoon every year, including our school, Salem Jr. High.

Although we know that Lagoon Day is during the end of May, there is not a specific date quite yet that we know of. This information will be given a few weeks in advance of Lagoon Day.

Some people may have the question of how you might be able to go. Unfortunately, you can’t just go. There are certain things you need to have to go. First of all, you can’t have any tardies or missing assignments. You also have to have all lunch money or other fees paid off. Fortunately, grades don’t matter. So technically you could have D’s and F’s and still go. If you go to Lagoon you also have to pay the school 45 dollars for the ticket. The school will take care of everything else for you.

On September 22nd we had an interview with Mr. Dayton to see what he thinks about Lagoon Day. He Said his favorite ride will be the new ride Cannibal even though he hasn’t been on it yet. Besides that ride, his other favorite is Wicked. He also said Lagoon Day is a good way to bond with your fellow students and a good way for 9th graders say goodbye to Jr.High.

We also did an interview with an 8th grader and this is what he said about the following questions:

  • What is your favorite ride in Lagoon? “Probably the Colossul.. Colossus.

  • Why do you like Lagoon? “It’s just fun.’s the only theme park in Utah.”

  • What would you want to change about Lagoon day if you could?  “The busses.”

Lagoon is going to be great this year! We hope you all get to Lagoon this year and share a fun experience with your friends! Thanks!


Mr. Adams honored by PTA Council

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Fri, 09/18/2015 - 17:21
Robert Fleming

On Tuesday, September 15th, Mike Adams was presented with the "Excellence in Service" Award from the Nebo Secondary PTA Council. Mr. Adams gives excellent students and parents at Salem Junior High School. Congratulations Mr. Adams.


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