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Submitted by amy.huhtala on Mon, 09/28/2015 - 10:06
Zach Hunter
Mrs. Ward's 3rd Period
Mrs. Huhtala's 3rd Period

We have a big variety of classes at this school. It ranges from Band to Agriculture. Some students’ favorite period is lunch. As you can see there can be a big difference between students’ choices. I wanted to get more points of view on this subject so I interviewed a couple students from each grade level to see what they say.      

Shawn Thorne is a 9th grader that has been in a lot of different classes. He doesn’t like Olympic time and like many students he came in thinking he would like one class, but is having more fun in another. He thought his favorite class would be P.E., but it turns out he likes English a lot.

Peyton Bowden is an 8th grader this year that is having a lot of fun this year whose favorite period is Olympic Time. He likes to get his grades up and hang out with his friends in the gym. He says the most homework comes from his math class. He’s having a great school year and having fun in class.

Amelia Hunter is a 7th grader and super excited to be in junior high. Her favorite class is Mr. Busath’s English. She likes it because there are fun books and games. She says the class with the most homework is Band, but she really enjoys it. She is also looking forward to 7th grade Science next semester.

As you can see there are many classes that are favorites. You also can see that what class you like now, might be different than what you thought it would be. Talk to your friends and see what classes they like, and maybe see what you want to take in the future.