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Cross Country

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Mon, 09/28/2015 - 10:19
Zach Hunter


The Salem Jr High Cross-Country team is a huge running team that competes against other schools. They have a big team that consists of 7th-9th  graders. They are super fast and have a fun time at practice. For the boys' team, Ty Bailey has won every meet so far. 

The team trains a lot. They practice Monday,Tuesday,Thursday, and on Friday they have their meets. During a normal practice they start out with a warm-up lap that is a half mile. Then they do a combination of stretches for 5 min. Those two things they do everyday. Then they do a unique workout for the day. Some of them are  just running east from the school for 11 minutes and then coming back. Another workout is running the school’s course once or twice. They also run around Christensen’s Loop.

 I interviewed Carter Wilkey who got 15th overall at the last meet at Mapleton Jr High. This is his first year running on the Cross-Country team. He is really fast and got 9:40 on his race last Friday. His goal for the end of the season is to get a 9:15. He says he likes to compete because he wants to see what his limits are.

I also interviewed Braden Ritchie who is a 7th grader. It is also his first year running and he does it for good exercise. His favorite workout is running around Christensen’s Loop. He also enjoys their cereal parties they have about once a week.

Cross-Country is a really cool team with big Spartan Spirit. Everyone helps one another and cheers them on. They are really improving and having fun doing it. Go Cross-Country.