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Submitted by amy.huhtala on Wed, 09/30/2015 - 10:03
Zach Hunter
9th grade volleyball team
Cross Country runner
Freshman Football Team

The students at Salem Jr love sports. We have school teams such as the Girls Tennis team and the Cross Country team. We also have the 9th grade Girls Volleyball team. We also have 7th, 8th, and 9th grade football teams. Later in the year we have the Boys and Girls 9th grade basketball teams, with the wrestling team and the Boys Tennis team.  But we don’t just support school sports. Lots of students like to watch college and professional sports. I wanted to see what sports the general student body like.

I first interviewed two 7th graders. One was Shelby Reid and she really likes volleyball. She has played for four years now, and is an outside and middle hitter. She also loves to watch other teams play. Tyler Nelson is the other 7th grader. His favorite sport is baseball. He has played for eight years. Wow! He is on the Utah Owls and plays shortstop. His favorite team is the Los Angeles, and his favorite sport to watch is football.

Then I interviewed two 8th graders. Blake Collins’ favorite sport is basketball and he has been playing for four years. His second favorite sport is golf and he also likes football. The Utah Jazz is favorite team but he agrees with pretty much everyone that they used to be good. The next 8th grader was Wyatt Wilcock. His favorite sport is baseball. His favorite sports is the Angles too! He plays second base and has played for eight years, and yet again football is his favorite sport to watch.

As you can see, students like a variety of sports. It ranges from volleyball to golf. The students also have played for many years. This just show the fascination SaJhs has with sports.