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School Pictures- Editorial

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Wed, 09/30/2015 - 09:48
Skylee Morris

Once every school year the school does this thing called ” try and look nice, but then you take a picture and then you turn into a zombie when the camera flashes” day, also known as picture day. At first you think your picture is going to be fantastic, then you see your picture and realize you look not as attractive as you thought. That means no girls for you boys if they see your picture and the same for you girls. I mean obviously that’s all we care about when we’re in school, just kidding education is the real deal here at Salem junior High. Although I am still not okay with that fact that in my yearbook picture I look like I came back from the dead, I probably died looking at my school picture actually. In all seriousness I just wish there was a way our school pictures could turn out as expected.

The thing is maybe the reason we don’t like our pictures is, because we aren’t accepting enough of ourselves and so we make our brain think we look horrible and we most likely do, but maybe not to everyone else. That might also be the reasons we like our self portraits way better then when other people take them, because we can fix almost everything about them and sometimes we fix them to the point we no longer look like ourselves. It would be a cool idea is all of the students to took their own selfies and put those in the yearbook instead then we would be an even cooler school.