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April 2017

New 4H Club: Board games, Fridays after school

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Fri, 04/28/2017 - 10:37
Andrew Oblad

There is a new 4H club happening here at SaJHS. The club will be playing board games every Friday after school, and since it won't be the full 10 weeks that a 4H club usually lasts, there is no fee to sign up. Inspired by the 4H club, Andrew Oblad decided to rank his top 10 all-time favorite board games and card games.

In celebration of the new 4-H board game club announced this week, I have decided to make a list of the 10 best board games. Card games are included. Enjoy!

10. Forbidden Island- A cooperative game where players work together to collect all four artifacts from the island and escape.

9. Snakes and Ladders- This is a game in which you try to make it to the top of the board by climbing ladders and avoiding snakes.

8. Scrabble- A fun word game to play with family and friends.

7. Man Bites Dog- This game lets you combine words to make headlines.

6. The Star Wars Dice Game- In this game, you roll dice with Star Wars characters on the sides. Each character has a different amount of points you can earn. The first person to 5,000 points wins.

5. Coup- A bluffing game in which you try to gain power by making others lose their cards. The last one with cards left wins!

4. Risk- This is a game where you take over countries in order to achieve world domination.

3. Phase 10- A card game where you go through different “phases” where you need to get a set or run of cards for each one. The first person to get through all ten phases wins.

2. Apples to Apples- A game where there is a card with an adjective on it placed in the center each round and you put in cards with nouns on them that fit with the adjective. This is one of my favorite board games because you can either be serious with your answers or go for laughs.

1. Monopoly- A classic board game in which you try to bankrupt other players. This is my all-time favorite board game because you rely on both strategy and luck to defeat opponents.

9th grade students learn from Salem EMT's

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Wed, 04/26/2017 - 13:34
KyLynn James
Two EMT's from Salem

Ms James's class had EMT's visit her class today. The students learned about choking and basic first aid. This is the beginning of a CPR certification course that Ms. James will be doing with her students. Ms. James always has great opportunities for her students to learn fun and interesting lessons that are very relevant to students' lives. 

Kristen Van De Graaff is SaJHS Teacher of the Year

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Wed, 04/26/2017 - 09:57

Every year the faculty at Salem Junior High votes on who should be teacher of the year. This is an award that teachers give to one of their colleagues who represents everything that makes a teacher great. This year, Kristen Van De Graaff was chosen because she lives and breathes everything that makes a good teacher.

Mrs. Van De Graaff does a lot for this school and our students. She is involved in several important leadership roles at this school and always looks ahead with the goal of making a better learning environment for our students. She is a teacher who has a lot of passion for her content and her students. One thing that we admire about Mrs. Van De Graaff is that she always asks the hard questions and doesn't settle for easy answers. She pushes herself and others, and she does so with an infectous laugh and positive disposition. 

This is why we are happy to have Mrs. Van De Graaff at our school and chose her to be teacher of the year.

Amy Huhtala Spotlighted in KSL's "Teacher Feature"

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Wed, 04/26/2017 - 07:40

Mrs. Huhtala recieved the honor last week of being spotlighted on the KSL "Teacher Feature." This segment that is posted on the KSL website and announced over the radio each week. Mrs. Huhtala was nominated and chosen because of the love and attention that she gives to each of her students. Follow the link and read about Mrs. Huhtala on KSL's "Teacher Feature"

A Teachers Purpose: Part 3

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Wed, 04/26/2017 - 07:30
Jared Kearns

This week on A Teacher’s Purpose I interviewed Ms.James and Mrs. Beardall I interviewed them on their unique perspectives on teaching and how they got into their jobs.

Mrs. Beardall said she that a long time ago her husband lost his job and she started looking for a job, and she started looking for a job as a secretary and the school was just being built. She said her favorite thing about the kids is interacting with them and helping them “I like to see everybody succeed and to help them on that path. A teacher’s purpose is “To be a positive influence, To educate them, To motivate them, and to inspire.”

Ms.James was going to be a nurse but she couldn’t pass her class in collage so she was asked to be a tutor and realized she was really good at teaching and it was something she really enjoyed. Her favorite part about teaching is getting to know the students and watching them get interested in the material. A teachers purpose is ” to help students realize that not all adults are out to get them, and to help them realize that they may not like school but it’s something that needs to happen.”

This has been A teachers purpose, thank you for joining me this week and I will see you next week, and that is a Teacher’s Purpose.

Advanced Choir Auditions: April 24-27

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Thu, 04/20/2017 - 09:37

Spartans! You’ve probably heard from friends or seen the posters in the halls, Advanced Choir Auditions are here! The auditions will run from April 24th to the 27th.  Mr. Guthrie is excited to hear all your voices! If you’re interested in auditioning please go to the choir hall and grab an audition packet on the bulletin board. If and when you’ve decided to audition you can sign your name on the lists in the choir room hall. The packet contains lots of information about how advanced choirs run.

For auditions you are required to sing The Star Spangled Banner in your harmony part, all women sing the alto part, tenor sing tenor part, and bass sing bass. You also need to sing the melody to Homeward Bound. All the music is in the audition packet. If you want more details here’s a link to the choir website:

If you are nervous about auditions don’t be! Even if you think you might audition please do! There are so many amazing voices hidden in our school please come! It’s a good experience and choir is so much fun. (you get to miss school sometimes)! GO SPARTANS!!

Band Travels to Snow College

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Tue, 04/18/2017 - 15:13
Daniel Stolworthy

The concert band and advanced percussion traveled to Snow College today to perform for 2 judges and receive a clinic from Dr. Vance Larsen. Students were also able to watch a moving performance by the Snow College Wind Symphony as they were conducted by the guest clinicians, Wayne Erickson, Dr. Gary Gilroy, and Dr. Vance Larsen. The Snow College director of bands, Dr. David Fullmer, gave us his applause and praised our progress from our district performance to this festival performance. We look forward to more Snow College visits in future years. 

Students of the Month for April 2017

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Fri, 04/14/2017 - 15:25
This month's Students of the Month

Here we present you with the Students of the Month for the month of April. We are proud of these students, and they have shown us all year long that they are hard workers and kids who come to school with a great attitude every day. Congratulations to these students for being chosen this month.

7th: Kareena Christensen, Maddux Howard

8th: Hannah Veatch, Detroit Kane
9th: Kiera Collings, Dayton Morris


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