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April 2017

Students get the red carpet treatment to start off SAGE testing

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Wed, 04/12/2017 - 09:48

Today we kicked off our second annual SAGE celebration at SaJHS. Last year, the faculty decided we wanted to do something to celebrate students and their academic acheivement during the SAGE test in order to create a more positive atmosphere during the SAGE testing period. Today students were greeted by a red carpet to walk down while teachers cheered them on and gave them high fives. Some students were shy about getting all of that attention, but most seemed to enjoy it.

During this celebration we will be teaching students important strategies for taking tests that will help them in college and even their professional lives beyond school. Today they were taught the importance of a good breakfast before taking important tests. It's hard to concentrate if you haven't eaten a good meal, so we offered a free breakfast for all students coming into school today. 

This is just the first of several things that we will be doing to help our students approach their end of year testing with a postive, can do attitude. We want our students to see the test not as a punishment or a trial to be endured, rather a chance to show what they have learned this year and a chance to compete against themselves as they strive to do better than they did the year before.

Good luck students!



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