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December 2016

Peteetneet Field Trip -- See What Your Student Thought!

Submitted by neely.mcewan on Thu, 12/22/2016 - 15:35

Bringing the Best out of History

Why should I learn about history? December 21st the English and History classes went to the Peteetneet museum to learn about the local area. From the Train room to the Western Room to lunch time entertainment, who knew junior high students had so much interest in the past?

“it was pretty sweet, it was really fun to go & see the place where my mom went to high school for 2 years.  plus,  I’m pretty sure I saw an original uncle Sam "I want you poster" which was really cool.” Garrett Anderson

The train room was a big favorite:

“my favorite part of the field trip was the trains probably because it was not a new toy and they were old and small and it looked like a real village” Taggert Argyle “they set up a little scavenger hunt.  I just thought it was so cool” Breanna Johnson “There were some little trains the size of my fingernail going around and around. It was so cute!” Dorothy Thomas “It was really cool because of all the small details that it had.” James Levie “It was really cool and the models were super small and looked hard to set up.” Parker Roden “The reason he (one old guy) did it was to teach kids and parents how the towns around Peteetneet work and to show the Orem train track station.” Dawson Wood “it looked like the guy that built it took a lot of time on it and it looked so cool with the little trains going around the track.” Jarrett Parkinson “The reason why I liked the train room is because there was so much detail” Xander Brown “it was a little city with a little train and little people, it was amazing” Madeline Lawrence “The trains were so cool because they could haul a lot of load.” Mason Melander “My favorite of the Train show was that all the trains were hand made.” Crew Elton “There were tons of intricate designs on the tiny buildings.  If you looked hard enough that might have even said what company they were such as Texaco.” Nathan Strassburg “there was a little city and on one side of the city there was a train that ran through it.” Nick Shumway “It (train room) had small cars and little people so it made it look like a real city.” Daniel Lamb

“The best part of my field trip to Peteetneet was the tour. The school had many uses so it had a lot of history to learn about. I had a fun time and would go there again anytime someone asked.That has been the best school day so far that I've had.” William Hansbrow

“I thought that was pretty fun because we were just walking around learning about all of the old school supplies, clothing, and household items.” Sophie McCann

The Western Room lassoed many people’s attention:

“The best part of my field trip was going down stairs and looking around the basement at all the western stuff. I liked learning about all the legendary cowboys and learning that we have 3 world champs here in Payson.” Ashley Cahoon “The best was the western room. Because it was super cool with all of the saddle, there was a white saddle.There was a super cool life sized fake horse. It also had a place where people in the olden days made horse shoes.” Maleah Teloroli “There were lots of pictures and horse sculptures. It was dedicated to a trick roper, he would go around the world and be in rodeos. I thought that it was super cool.” Olivia Andrus “There was a lot of cool information about the wild wilderness and horses and rodeo champions. Someday I want to be in a rodeo championship. Also I love learning more about horses and rodeo champions.” Conrad Andersen “The Best part about our field trip was the lesson we learned when we went into the building. It was kind of fun to learn about Lee Staheli and his trick and stuff that he did on his horse and with his lasso.“ Kameryn Hayes “the cowboy room or the freedom room where there was guns and swords and battle clothing and also the bullets and the old war planes that crashed.” Jack Guest“​The best part of my field trip to Peteetneet was the cowboy room. My grandpa was a big cowboy” Jocelyn Elder

There was Fun, Entertainment and Food as the students gathered together.

“The best part of my field trip to Peteetneet was when we went into the auditorium. Mr. Winget gave us so much pizza and donuts. It was nice cause we got to sit down and watch someone perform on stage” Brett Bailey “The best part of my field trip to Peteetneet was the pizza, and  I also liked all the performances during lunch.” Alexis Degelbeck“The end of of the field trip when  there were performances by two people. One of them was a ninth grader from our school that played the guitar and sang at the same time!” Justin Cook “The best part of my field trip to Peteetneet was the entertainment at the end with songs and musical pieces because it was super fun” Trevan Freeman “One of the best parts of my field trip to Peteetneet was when we all got together in the cafeteria and sang and eat and had lots of fun together.  I really liked this part because it seemed like we were all a family/community having fun and celebrating Christmas together.” Nicole Burk “My favorite part about peteetneet is going with my friends and learning more about the history of the museum that I didn't know about.” Jentrie O’Bannon

The Freedom Room Helped the students remember how this land became the “Land of the Free.”

“I liked when my leader was a retired veteran and we went to the "war room" and he told us about what everything meant, and he told stories about them.” Halle Hopkins “All of Peteetneet was really cool, but the Freedom Room was by far the coolest.” Stephen Strong “My favorite part of my field trip to Peteetneet was the freedom room. I really loved how they make a whole room to respect veterans and people that made a difference for our country.” Brianne Ericksen “it was pretty cool and we went upstairs with all the military stuff” Zayne Thronton “The best part of the field trip was the freedom room with all the cool guns and the metals.” Conner Nixon“The best part of my field trip to Peteetneet was Seeing all the old artifacts and all the old cool things they used.” Wyatt Hickman

There were so many memories that the local history will be a part of our students.

“The best part of my field trip to Peteetneet was the blacksmith shop room because you could see what kind of tools the blacksmiths got to use when they were making the other weapons and tools that people needed.” Sam Moulton “the old cameras because it makes me feel like technology has come a long way” Kyler Baum “getting to see all of the cool artifacts there. they were really old and ancient, and I thought that was cool.” Shaylee Black “the best part of the field trip was walking into the war room and finding my great grandpa Taylor's name on an old newspaper that was framed on the wall.” Gracie Bunker “The best part of the field trip was almost the whole trip. In the basement there was a lot of rooms there was one room that had Indian photos” Kaily Gull “The best part of the field trip to Peteetneet was probably the feel of the school. When I first walked in the school, I was amazed” Nicole Stone “My favorite part about peteetneet is going with my friends and learning more about the history of the museum that I didn't know about.” Jentrie O’Bannon “The best part about the field trip was when we learned about when Peteetneet was a elementary school, and about the teacher that had worked there. The teacher that worked there moved to London with her husband, and three sons. Soon later she got tickets to go on a luxurious ride on the amazing boat we all know as, "The Titanic."” Camille Hullinger “The best part of my field trip to Peteetneet was all the history we learned about in each rooms. Like old phones that they used back then” Conner Guest “It was interesting to hear all of the amazing stories about the old objects and how the people that worked there got them.” Camryn Mehl“I really liked to see all of the pioneers and immigrants that came to Utah and I really like the people who directed the groups.” Jonah Forsey “The best part of my field trip to Peteetneet was being with my friends, and getting to see all of the things that people used in the 18 to 1900's” Haevyn Davis “looking at the artwork in the Indian artifacts room was awesome.” Afton Hadfield “The best part of my field trip to the Peteetneet was seeing all of the stuff in the teachers room. I thought that it was really cool that that teacher taught so long ago and it was really cool seeing how the kids back then learned differently than us.” Brendyn Shepherd “ It was nice to see what people used back in that time. I liked to see the difference of their life back then compared to mine.” Carmen Harden “ I liked the room where it had a house like feel. It had rooms that showed the kitchen and a bedroom and i thought it was fascinating when the lady told us that the mattress was just a rope.” Sage Parrish “I really liked the victorian room. It showcased how the people in the victorian era lived. I really liked how they took the time to put it all up.” Austene Van Valkenburgh “It was very fun there at peteetneet, its really cool to learn about Payson and history.” Joseph Benard

“My favorite part was practically all of it.” Jonathon Fernelius


Christmas Sweater and Hat Day

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Thu, 12/22/2016 - 09:44
Jerika Adams, Erica Maestas, Mysterious Tree-dwelling Student (Marley Wassom), Marissa Browning, and Chloe Sokol

In celebration of the Christmas season, students were invited to come to school wearing their favorite Christmas sweaters and hats. Some of the students are wearing traditional sweaters and Santa hats while others have taken it as a personal challenge to wear some amazingly ugly and extravagent sweaters. Here at SaJHS we hope that everyone enjoys their Christmas break and we look forward to seeing the students again after the New Year.

F.A.C.S. Exploration with Mrs. Larson!

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Tue, 12/20/2016 - 09:38
Ashlyn Westwood
Christmas Towels

Mrs. Larson’s 8th grade F.A.C.S. class made these beautiful, wonderful, Christmas towels! We traced the design that we wanted and got the material they thought was cute to us. We cut the traced design and stuck it to the material. Then, we ironed it so that the design was stuck to the fabric, then we cut it out. We pulled off the sticky part and stuck the fabric to our towels. Next, we sewed around the design to make it stay on the towel. It also made it look super cute. Some students put colored glue stuff on it to add more effect to the design. Some kids also put "Merry Christmas" on theirs.

The towels were just one of the many fun projects that us students have done this semester. We have made pillow cases, pajama pants, and are now making smittens (sweater mittens). This class is only one semester long so sign up if you want to do fun projects with Mrs. Larson for next semester.

Read this story and more on the school's news blog


Scavenger Hunt

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Fri, 12/16/2016 - 13:58
Students looking for clues

Mrs. Van De Graaff's 8th grade history classes went on a scavenger hunt today. "Kids have a lot of energy during the holiday season, so I decided to put that to use by having them run around the school finding lost stories of the Revolution. I decided to do something fun for them as a little Christmas gift so they wouldn't get bored sitting in the classroom all day. They tend to remember experiences that are unusual and it gets them excited about coming to history." 

What are the lost stories of the Revolution? The lost stories of the American Revolution come from people who were involved in such an important part of our history, but who are typically not portrayed as key players in history books:


  • Agrippa Hull- African American soldier
  • Salem Poor- Afrian American soldier
  • James Potter Collins- Child/teenager spy
  • Deborah Sampson- Woman who disguised herself as a man
  • James Armistead- Double Agent, pretended to be a British slave to infiltrate the British command and pass information to the colonists.

Students I talked to were enjoying the experience and said that the clues were great.

Mrs. Van De Graaff is a great teacher who we are happy to have here at Salem Jr. High. She is always looking for great ways to keep her students engaged.


Pop Tab Contest

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Fri, 12/02/2016 - 12:54

National Junior Honors Society is collecting tabs from soda cans for the Ronald McDonald House and they need your help.

Every time you drink a soda, keep the tab and send it with your students to their math teacher. All math classes will be having a contest to see who can collect the most soda can tabs. The class with the most will win a prize.

The tabs are recycled by the Ronald McDonald House and they use the money earned to help fund the services they offer sick children and their families. So please remember to pop those tabs and send them to school with your kids to help out in a good cause. 



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