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F.A.C.S. Exploration with Mrs. Larson!

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Tue, 12/20/2016 - 09:38
Ashlyn Westwood
Christmas Towels

Mrs. Larson’s 8th grade F.A.C.S. class made these beautiful, wonderful, Christmas towels! We traced the design that we wanted and got the material they thought was cute to us. We cut the traced design and stuck it to the material. Then, we ironed it so that the design was stuck to the fabric, then we cut it out. We pulled off the sticky part and stuck the fabric to our towels. Next, we sewed around the design to make it stay on the towel. It also made it look super cute. Some students put colored glue stuff on it to add more effect to the design. Some kids also put "Merry Christmas" on theirs.

The towels were just one of the many fun projects that us students have done this semester. We have made pillow cases, pajama pants, and are now making smittens (sweater mittens). This class is only one semester long so sign up if you want to do fun projects with Mrs. Larson for next semester.

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