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Scavenger Hunt

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Fri, 12/16/2016 - 13:58
Students looking for clues

Mrs. Van De Graaff's 8th grade history classes went on a scavenger hunt today. "Kids have a lot of energy during the holiday season, so I decided to put that to use by having them run around the school finding lost stories of the Revolution. I decided to do something fun for them as a little Christmas gift so they wouldn't get bored sitting in the classroom all day. They tend to remember experiences that are unusual and it gets them excited about coming to history." 

What are the lost stories of the Revolution? The lost stories of the American Revolution come from people who were involved in such an important part of our history, but who are typically not portrayed as key players in history books:


  • Agrippa Hull- African American soldier
  • Salem Poor- Afrian American soldier
  • James Potter Collins- Child/teenager spy
  • Deborah Sampson- Woman who disguised herself as a man
  • James Armistead- Double Agent, pretended to be a British slave to infiltrate the British command and pass information to the colonists.

Students I talked to were enjoying the experience and said that the clues were great.

Mrs. Van De Graaff is a great teacher who we are happy to have here at Salem Jr. High. She is always looking for great ways to keep her students engaged.