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"Who's Been Caught Reading?"

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Fri, 02/12/2016 - 11:36
Sydney Ward

Books, books, and more books. Could there be anything more delightful? Many teachers have jumped on the reading bandwagon, and are now advertising the books they are reading in the school library. Students can go there to find book recommendations from their favorite teachers and check them out in the library. “It’s a way to start conversations with students and teachers,” Ms. Williams, a school librarian says.

Teachers seem to be enjoying it too. In the beginning, only a handful of teachers signed up to feature their current reading books on the board, but now almost all of them are participating. The trend for this type of advertising started with celebrity posters depicting famous people reading, and has now spread to schools and other large establishments. It’s become a largely popular phenomenon.

These programs started when research started becoming available on reading for pleasure and performance in the classroom. In order to preserve the intellectualism of the population, programs like these were put into place. Schools around the country have done this, some with funny taglines like, “read me maybe”, or “let your love of reading grow”. They seem to be helping too, 65% of fourth graders can now read at grade level in the US.

So stop by the library and crack open a book recommended by your favorite teacher, you might just find one you like.