What's happening in math

Brandon Spencer

We interviewed a few teachers from the school. We interviewed Ms. Jackson a 7th grade teacher, Ms. Gonzales an 8th grade teacher, and Ms. Mendenhall a 9th grade teacher. We asked the teachers what's going on in math right now. We asked them if they preferred to teach with aleks, and we asked them what their favorite subject to teach in math is.

Ms. Jackson is currently teaching proportional relationships right now in math. She says that Aleks is good for teaching but she prefers normal teaching instead of Aleks. Her favorite subject to teach in math is teaching probability.

Ms. Gonzales is currently teaching angle relationship in math honors and graphing in normal math. She says that Aleks is beneficial, and a good reminder. She doesn’t have it right now but she wants to get it. Her favorite thing to teach in math is solving system of equations.

Ms. Mendenhall is teaching discrete and continuous functions in math honors, and she’s teaching systems of equation inequality in normal math. Her favorite subject to teach in math is just solving equations. She prefers to teach with Aleks. She also says that more people need to do math munchers because there are only about 15-20 total who do it each month.