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An "Undertale" Review

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Fri, 03/04/2016 - 14:41
Collin Gale
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UNDERTALE is a RPG-type pixel adventure game. Created by Toby Fox, the game was inspired from the Mother series, a similar RPG. The game’s story is huge and emotional, when I played it, my eyes watered up. The beginning storyline is the two races, Humans and Monsters, lived in peace, until a war broke out. The Humans won, and sealed the Monsters behind a doorway called “The Barrier”. Years later, a young child climbed the mountain the monsters were under, and fell through a hole into the Underground. That’s where the story starts.

The game adds many new characters, and 3 different endings. Genocide, Neutral, and Pacifist. Genocide is when you kill every single monster in the game, leaving not even one. Neutral is when you don’t kill everything, but you also don’t save everything. Pacifist is when you don’t kill one single monster OR Boss. The Pacifist ending is the happiest and best ending, and is considered the “True Ending”

The game is huge. 53 different characters, counting Bosses, Mini-Bosses, Monsters, and Main Characters. because of this, there are so many different possibilities of gameplay, letting you choose the way you play. This game is truly an amazing game. IGN rated it a 10/10! I would too.

My Verdict: Undertale is the best story-game i’ve ever played. The artwork is beautiful, the music is amazing, and the story was emotional. If you are planning on getting this game, buy Undertale with the soundtrack, and jam out while playing the amazing game that is, Undertale.