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Spartan Basketball Pride: SaJHS Girls' Basketball

Submitted by on Wed, 12/26/2012 - 11:16
Kylie Johnson and Yvette Lazarte
Through The Hoop
Group Cheer

Through a tremendous amount of effort and determination, the Spartan ninth grade girls’ basketball team, won an amazing game!  Full of tension and contained excitement, the game was one worthy of an encore.  At every toss of the ball you could feel your hopes fly with it, and your heart beat excitedly.  You could feel your teeth clench with worry and disappointment at the increase of points on the Guest’s board. A legitimate feeling of joy ran through your mind at every good play, and it was easy to join in the cheering and applause.

Our triumphant players also painted a beautiful example of sportsmanship throughout their important game. Many of them were pushed down and fouled, which could have caused them to become resentful and bitter towards their opposing players.  Instead, these girls simply bounced back into the game, with the same amount of dedication and desire to enjoy playing the game as before.  Skylar, number twenty-two, was especially valiant during the duration of this game.  She was injured when one of the opposing team members, shoved her down. Regrettably, she was out for the rest of the game, but she didn’t waste any time mourning with self pity.  Her cheers were the most audible and encouraging, and I am sure the team’s spirit boosted at the sound of her voice.

Our Spartan pride has been magnificently upheld and even increased through this win, and I have no doubt that it will extend through the entire basketball season.