New Years!!!

Tyler Nelson

Written by Tyler Nelson on the SaJHS news blog. You can read more by Tyler and other students by following the link.

3-2-1 Happy New Year!

With 2016 coming to a close and 2017 just beginning it’s a fresh start for all of us.  Many significant things have happened in 2016 which you could argue that they were either good or bad.

Since this year was an election year, most of the year the news was focused on the election race between Trump and Clinton.  If you didn’t already know, Trump won!  There  were many protests against Trump becoming the elected president, which pretty much divided the country into two.

For sports, it has been a fantastic year.  From 3-1 leads blown to a baseball team overcoming a 108 year curse.

The Golden State Warriors set an NBA record with a 73-9 record, the most wins in a regular season.  They came back from a strong Thunder 3-1 lead in the NBA semi-finals.  Then had a 3-1 lead against Lebron and the Cavaliers, but lost!

In the world series this year, the teams with the longest championship droughts were playing for the title.   The Cleveland Indians, and the Chicago Cubs.  Both teams had amazing regular seasons and stunned  a lot of people.  The Indians took a strong 3-1 lead in the series of 7 against the cubs, but they couldn’t hold on for the win.

Peyton Manning went out on a strong note, with his second championship, and his first the the Denver Broncos, who played amazing defense the entire season.

Kevin Durrant left his strong Oklahoma Thunder team to play with the Golden State Warriors, who are a super team with Durrant on their team.

With many great things happening this year, go out and make it your year. Stick to your resolutions and good things will happen.

Welcome 2017!