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Congratulations to Scott Shaffer for winning the Crystal Apple Award

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Wed, 10/09/2019 - 14:18

Every year, the teachers at Salem Junior who are a part of the Nebo Educators Association (NEA) choose a teacher to recognize for their overall excellence and to recognize them with an award called the Crystal Apple Award. This year Scott Shaffer, one of the art teachers here at SaJHS received that honor.

Any number of factors can be a reason for nominating a teacher. For Mr. Shaffer, his peers chose to recognize him for his incredible ability to connect with his students and his fantastic skills both in his content and as a teacher. Here are what some of the teachers here at Salem Junior said about Mr. Shaffer:

"[Mr. Shaffer] looks for the positive, is willing to help, and constantly brainstorms new solutions. When he sees a kid struggling, he is eager to look for ways to help that student be successful. Every type of student thrives in his classroom!" 

"[Mr. Shaffer] is great-- he is friendly, encouraging, personable, smart, and passionate. He makes sure that everyone feels welcome-- subs, interns, regular teachers, and all. He loves his students and loves his job. It's apparent by his attitude and his dialogue."

"[Mr. Shaffer] is a great teacher. The kids all love him. He has a way of connecting with them. He had some students last year and he doesn’t have them this year, but he still keeps track of them and is very aware of their needs. He has a way of helping students learn to enjoy art even if they aren’t great artists."

Congratulations Mr. Shaffer!