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Boys & Girls- Be in the Know

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Tue, 10/27/2015 - 10:25
Peyton Bowden

There is a lot of dislikes and likes about girls and boys. I’ve went around and asked students about what they like and dislike about their opposite gender. Here is what we got.

 DISLIKES about Boys

  • When they wear basketball shorts

  • Clueless

  • When they make fun of you

  • Axe spray smells weird

  • They are very weird

  • Really, really annoying

  • When guys throw footballs in the hall

  • Not very trustworthy

  • Unresponsible

  • Super immature

LIKES about Boys

  • Do not get involved in drama

  • No grudges

  • Some of them are cute

  • Funny

  • Nice

  • When they are frustrated

  • Take pictures a with you

  • Cute with little kids

  • Very straight out

  • Smart

DISLIKES about Girls

  • Drama

  • Expect to much of boys

  • Too much makeup

  • Do not listen

  • Do not eat with you

  • They want you to like them but when you like them they don’t like you

  • Weird color of hair

  • Act different around you

  • Do not listen

  • Travel in groups

  • Wacky

LIKES about Girls

  • Cute

  • Smell good

  • Not involved in drama

  • Funny

  • Not shy

  • Always have gum

  • Nice looking

  • Kiss good

  • When they play soccer

  • Know a lot of people

Those are the things that people think of our opposite genders in Salem Junior High. Now you know!