Are we too young?

Annica Frandsen


This has been a debate for years, not only in schools but also in religion. A lot of religions like you to be older before you start kissing, holding hands, hugging, etc. Well does that mean that we can’t like people? No it does not. In this case there is nothing wrong with liking someone, as long as you do not take it too far,There is a fine line between having a crush and having a boy/girlfriend.

One of the rules at Salem Junior High is  “Hand holding and public displays of affection are not permitted on school property” so it is literally a school rule not to do certain things on school property. Everyone has their own beliefs and standards and we should not try to take away from that. Ava Lorde, 8th grader, stated “People can like who they want and if they have feelings for someone they really can’t control it. We’re only young once!!” I agree with Ava, we are only young once, but that doesn’t mean we should go out of control and do whatever we want. We should still stick to our standards.

Isaac Barnum, 8th grader, “I have read many articles about it and what I've  seen is kids can’t really handle it when it comes to break ups. They are not developed yet they can't really understand it. It's not up to me for their decisions, but for me, I  choose not to be in a relationship so i don’t end up being sad.”This is also very true, kids cannot handle being that sad and they think that it will last forever but it really won’t.