Annie Jr: Outstanding Performance!

Mikela Marvin
Annie Jr Cast
Annie Jr Cast
Annie and the orphans
Its a hard luck life
Annie at Daddy Warbucks

This year Salem Junior High's Musical production was Annie Jr.  Annie is about an orphan who gets adopted by a billionaire, Mr. Warbucks played by Ben Ewell.  Annie was played by Aspen Ruiz, who stunned the audience with her performance.  Some of the musical performances included Maybe, I Think I’m Gonna like It Here, NYC, and Tomorrow. This play was magnificent, and you could tell the students in this production worked really hard to make this play fantastic. Ms. Stubbs the drama teacher was the director, while Mrs. Brooksby was the musical advisor/ co-director, and Mrs. Hopes the Choreographer. They did a great job on this play the great production it was. The shows running dates were March 20 thru the 23. We thank you all who came and saw this amazing performance. The students in the play really appreciated it, and encourage you to audition for next year’s musical.