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August 2015

Welcome new teachers!

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Mon, 08/31/2015 - 10:05
Brooke Vance
Mrs. Howard
Mrs. Orahn
Mr. Busath

The SaJHS News Staff is happy to spotlight the following new teachers:


Ms. Howard

 Ms. Howard teaches English. This is her first year teaching. She wants to help her students be successful and find books that they love. Ms. Howard’s favorite food is ice cream. Her favorite animal is a dog. She is interested in Romania. She also loves volleyball.

Mrs. Orahn

Mrs. Orahn is our girls’ PE teacher. She taught at Timpview High School for three years, then at BYU for ten years as a PE major. Now she is teaching Salem everything she knows! Her favorite food is lobster, but she also LOVES cookies! Mrs. Orahn loves fantasy football, Disneyland, the Atlanta Braves, and the beach. Her favorite animal is a dog, and she likes ALL sports!

Mr. Busath

Mr. Busath is an English teacher. This is his third year teaching. Ironically, teaching was the second to last job on his list of careers. Writing was at the very bottom. He got both in this job! His favorite food is lasagna. His favorite animal is a cheetah. He loves his family, and his favorite sport is soccer.


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