Spartan News - 1/5/2021

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Changes to Quarantine: There have been some changes made to our procedures dealing with COVID cases.  In the past, when a student tested positive and was at school during their contagious time, we had to quarantine all students that were in close contact with that person. Now, as long as all students wear their masks, we will not have to quarantine those that have been exposed at school. We will however continue to notify parents for their own information if the student has been in close contact, but we will not require the student to quarantine if they were wearing a mask according to health department guidelines. This is great news!

Deadline to Switch to Remote or At-School Learning: One last friendly reminder that if you want to switch to remote or at-school learning you must do this week. If you would like to make a change and haven’t already done so, click on THIS SURVEY to submit your decision and contact your students school counselor. If you would like to stay with your current choice, please do not fill out the survey.


Schedule Changes: Students can request schedule changes for 2nd semester beginning January 11th by using the link on this page. Students will be called down in the order they signed up. Parents, please contact your students counselor if you have any schedule related questions. The counselors will do their best to accommodate your scheduling requests. However, many classes for 2nd semester are full and changes are subject to availability and teacher approval. Students are expected to stay with the same math and English teachers throughout the entire school year.

New Athletic Event Guidelines: Athletes Receive 2 Tickets For Guests: Due to state COVID guidelines, we are unable to have our students attend games as spectators. Students, we are sorry you will not be able to participate live! Until now, only parents were allowed to attend events. With the new guidelines, parents, siblings, or other family members may use the athletes tickets to attend. Each athlete will get 2 tickets per event, tickets are required for admission. Masks and social distancing are also required. Students, other family members, and even distant relatives out of state are also able to watch our meets and games through live stream. The athletic event schedules and live links will be available on our website here SaJHS Athletic page with links. (Each Tuesday, Cecily Yeager, our Dean of Students will give athletes their 2 guest tickets for the events they will be participating in that week.)

Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: Please subscribe to the SaJHS youtube channel at this link, when we hit 1,000 subscribers we will be able to livestream our games, meets, concerts and other events without needing to use a third party app.

Upcoming Events:

Jan. 6 - Wrestling @ Salem Jr vs Payson Jr. 3:30
Jan. 7 - Boys Basketball @ Mapleton 3:30 pm
Jan. 7 - Girls Basketball vs Mapleton 3:30 pm
Jan. 7 - Wrestling Practice @ 5:00 pm
Jan. 11 - Boys Basketball vs Springville
Jan. 11 - Girls Basketball @ Springville