Underwater Robotics

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Fri, 03/24/2017 - 09:43
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Underwater robotics is an after school 4h club. They had a competition March 23, 2017. They competed at Lehi Rec Center. Underwater robotics is a club where you and your team build a robot with the materials given, then they send it into the water to go grab some items. One of the groups at our school made it into the top 10. They said they used many useful tactics such as: pool noodles to help it, the pool noodles made it not completely sink or float. They also used tons of superglue to hold it all together. They said the best part was building the robot and then just getting to hang out and eat lunch, then of course the competition. They were in the rookie competition because it was their first year, however they did make it into the top 10. They did an amazing job. Good job to our Underwater Robotics 4h club!

Andria Spencer