A Teachers Purpose: Part 2

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Thu, 03/30/2017 - 10:05
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This week on a Teacher’s Purpose, I am interviewing Mr. Moser and Senor Brandon. Teacher's purpose is a blog where I ask teachers their story of how they got into teaching and what they like about it.

Mr. Moser said he was very shy he had no intention of becoming a teacher. After he went on a “two year vacation” and learned to teach he realized that he enjoyed educating people in topics he felt passionate about. His dad  was in science so he decided to teach science. “what we have is what we feel worth teaching” Life is a lot more than getting a job. A teachers purpose is, “To be an example, and an inspiration, to help them down the same path that we went down, and to help the find their own path.”

Senor Brandon told me he had some good teachers who were good examples to him in high school. He likes to hang out with the students and make them feel wanted and needed. A teachers purpose is to help kids find their place, I don’t try to hide myself when I teach them, and teach the kids to be their own person.

Jared Kearns