Students excited for Thanksgiving Break

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Gobble Gobble!

 Thanksgiving is a holiday where families get together, have fun, and eat tons of food. The traditional food eaten on Thanksgiving is turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and many other types of food. Many people have Thanksgiving traditions, like what they eat, where they go, and what their favorite dessert is. Most families have thanksgiving traditions. we asked four students in 7th and 8th grade on what traditions they have, where they eat, and what their favorite dessert is.

7th grader David Jones said “Every other year we go to my grandparents house, and the other year my cousins come to my house.”

7th grader Sandy Wilky said “My family always goes on a vacation usually to Disney Land.”

8th grader Brook Vaitohi said “Thanksgiving is two days after my birthday, so we usually celebrate both.

8th grader Derian Poulson said “We just eat a lot of food.”

Along with traditions, where we eat is as important as the holiday itself.

David Jones said “We eat at my grandmas house every other year. And at my house the other year, along with my cousins.”

Sandy Wilky said “She just eats with her family, then rides horses.”

Brook Vaitohi said “We eat in Tonga.”

Derian Poulson said “We go to my grandmas house because she makes tons of food.”

There are so many different varieties of desserts. We asked these students what their favorites are.

David Jones said “I like every dessert.”

Sandy Wilky said “Yams are my favorite.”

Brook Vaitohi said “Topie is his favorite dessert.”(Topie is a Tongan dessert)

Derian Poulson said “My favorite dessert is every kind of pie.”



Quade Bunker and Jordan Jimenez, Chronicle Staff Writers