Spartan Target Conference

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Spartan Target Conference Nov 1  -  3:30 – 7:30


Traditional report cards only give a fraction of the story.  We believe that by explicitly communicating the learning targets with our students daily, and with parents periodically, students will be more attuned to their own learning and will be required to reflect on their progress.  These learning targets are the basis of all instruction and assessments in the classroom.  By holding these conferences, parents not only know clear learning objectives for each subject but will also have the progress score for their students.  This 4.0 scale will identify where a student is needing extra support in re-teaching or excelling.  Please remember that a score of 3.0 shows proficiency.  This is the goal for each learning target.


Students with their guest (a parent, older sibling, etc.) will come to our Spartan Target Conference night and head to their 7th period teacher’s classroom.  In this classroom, students will introduce their guest to their teacher and grab their individual portfolio.  Students will then go through the contents of the portfolio as they have practiced during the week.  At the end of reviewing the reports, guest and student will establish an academic or behavior goal that will be reviewed at the next conference.  One copy will be taken home while the other will be left in the portfolio.  Upon completion, please feel free to visit any of your student’s teachers.