SHHS Choir Performs at SaJHS

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On Tuesday, December 18, 2012 during school we had a great assembly. The choir from SalemHills High School arrived and sang for us. Our own choir sang as well, and they both did a greatjob. They sang many Christmas songs that helped the school get ready for Christmas.

“I didn’t hear any mistakes.” said one of the students.

“I only wish it was longer.” said another.

Overall, most of the student body enjoyed the performance, and we all hope to make it a newtradition to have the choirs sing to us during the Christmas season. Altogether, both the choirsput on an awesome show, and represented our school very well. We hope to have them at ourschool again soon and are excited for the next performance. It sounded like it took a lot ofpractice and hard work. Just like our wonderful school!

Grant Gunderson & Braxton Adams