SaJHS Auditions for Annie the Musical

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This year for the school musical the directors, Mrs. Brooksby and Mrs. Stubbs, have decided to put on the production of “Annie.” Students were trying to keep their grades up all December so they would have a better shot at getting a part in the musical. Auditioners were practicing for days to get the song they chose to preform just right for the judges and directors. As a whole, I think all the students would agree that they were all really nervous, but had lots of fun.

The first audition on Monday was for both singing and dancing. To start off the directors divided everyone into groups. One group would stay behind and sing, the rest went on to the stage to learn a quick dance number to preform for the judges. To audition, students were asked to sing a short section of a Broadway song. Mrs. Brooksby played the piano herself, while Mrs. Stubbs sat in the back and judged the singing. After everyone was done, the directors sent the singers out to learn the dance, and then they ushered the next group in. This first audition happened on both Monday and Tuesday, so everyone in the school got a chance to try out. On Wednesday the “call back list” was posted. This informed the students who was going to being considered for leads. If you were on the list, you were
required to go to the final audition on Thursday. At the call back auditions, the directors passed out sheet music from the actual musical for participants to sing. Everyone sat together while people who were auditioning for certain parts sang the piece individually. After the singing, the directors had a huddle and chose a small group to stay behind while everyone else went home. Auditioners who stayed were given scripts and were able to act out the play. Several different scenes were role played, and parts were switched and mixed up. The final cast list was posted on Friday and students were able to breath a sigh of relief.

An auditioner, Helen Adams, said, “ I thought that auditioning was really fun. Everyone felt a little...well...really nervous, but we were all laughing. I liked how they let us choose are own music, and sing songs we know.” Lots of people felt the same way about the auditions, and are glad they tried.

The musical premiers March 26, so come and enjoy what students are already working so hard on.

Jackson Badger