News from the SaJHS Lunchroom

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News and Information from the Lunchroom

Our wonderful cafeteria staff has helped us start out our new school with delicious and nutritious meals! They have some information they would like to share with students and parents:

  • Cost: The school lunch cost is $2.25 for students and $3.00 for adults this year.
  • PayPams: It is very helpful to students and staff if lunch fund balances are kept current. The PayPams system is a great way to view balances, check your child’s nutrition spending, view online account statements, make online payments, receive low balance email reminders, and set up automatic payments based on balance. PayPams can be accessed on the Nebo website ( under the Parents drop down menu.
  • Stamps: The lunch managers will stamp a student’s hand when the fund balance is low.
  • Menu: Please check the menu online on the Nebo webpage ( under the Parents drop down menu.
  • Free or Reduced Lunch: Please see the Lunch Clerk for information
  • Breakfast: We offer breakfast each morning. Please note: If a student receives free/reduced lunch, they also receive free/reduced breakfast.

New Items: We are offering some new wonderful salads including chef and taco salads as well as a baked potato bar on Fridays – these are all very delicious and nutritious!!