Halloween Costume Contest

Submitted by jolynn.ford on Wed, 11/07/2012 - 15:31


A very exciting event occurred at our school on Halloween! There was a costume contest during lunch.  Students strutted across the stage to show off  their Halloween costumes.  All of the costumes were very creative.  The costumes were varying from a penguin, Super Heroes, and even peacocks.  The students got to show off their creativity through their costumes. A special group at our school called the Spirit Club judged and hosted the Halloween Contest on stage. The standout winners were the REAL Gingerbread man, Jack Sparrow, and the Missionaries!  The kids enjoyed their opportunity to shine on stage in front of their fellow students. Even some of the teachers got into the spirit and dressed up to show their support of Halloween. The head of the Spirit Club, Mrs. Bray, was Where’s Waldo?  This was a very fun event and we hope it will be back next year.  



Jaiden Mayo and Jacklyn Wilson