Congratulations to the boys who made the high school team

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Mon, 03/13/2017 - 09:46
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I played high school soccer in the fall and I know for a certain that  it takes lots of time and dedication to be on the team. Spend lots of hours out of school for games and everyday after school. Its also important to keep up with school and make sure that soccer doesn’t get in the way of it. Soccer team also gives you an opportunity to make close friends and learn new skills to always keep improving as a team. High school soccer helps you learn how to work as a team on and off the field and it also helps you get exercise everyday and get stronger. It takes lots of time and energy, but it is definitely worth it!

We are proud of the all the boys that put in all the hard work for soccer tryouts last week. We had freshmen that made it to the sophomore, JV, and Varsity. Sophomore team: Zach Hunter, Ian Lazarte, Cole Jones, Larsen Brown, Mckay Neubert, Peyton Bowden, Ashton Burgon, Tyler Goold, Tyrel Bird, and Riley Guest. JV team: Jake Meuter, Jacob Shallenberger, Jordan Ware, Zach Holmes, Andrew Palomar, Kyler Holman, and Sam Adams. Varsity: Brandt Wilcox and Taos Dye. Congratulations to all of you that made the high school team!

It is going to be a wonderful season! The season officially starts March 21!  We can’t wait to see these boys play together. We would love to see lots of support from students and parents at home games to cheer on the boys.

Yubo Cooper