Spartan Summit Award Presented to Students

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Students were honored by receiving the Spartan Summit award at our End-of-Year Awards Night on May 1. The Spartan Summit award is an award that was created the first year Salem Jr High School opened as a way to increase literacy in our community. Students, faculty, staff, and members of the community are eligible to earn this presitgious award. The requirements for this award are:

More End-of-Year Awards

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Our students received awards from the Fine Arts department at our awards night on May 1:

  • Drama: Caleb Darrington, Anna Rawlings, Eric Sheffer, Jocelyn Shuler
  • Orchestra: Owen Rose, Meghan Lemmons, Ash Owens, Lydia Forsey
  • Band: Will Blakesley Anna Richardson, Xander Lofthouse, Ava Pettijohn
  • Art: Wyatt Truscott, Ruby Thompson, Maxwell MacArthur, Reesa Garner
  • Choir: Tyler Balls, Lydia Cope, Ephraim Vance, Emily Datin

Congratulations to these students for being outstanding in these departments!

End-of-Year Awards Night

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We celebrated outstanding students at our End-of-Year Awards Night on May 1. Our students received awards in many areas. Some of these include:

  • English: Derek Mower, Ruby Lindstrom, Slade Davis, Cambria Shelton, Karter Graham
  • Math: Spencer Waite, Eleni Bufmack, Hunter Thompson, Megan Fletcher, Mason Skinner
  • Science: Adam Walters, Dylan Maile, Steven Taylor, Lucy Knowlton
  • History: Trenton Gillie, Claire Hinkle, Max Gappmayer, Liesl Otte

Congratulations to these students!

Poetry Slam

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Students wrote poems in their English classes and then performed them for their class. Teachers selected students from their classes to perform their poems in the school Poetry Slam. Yesterday, 30 students shared their poems in the Slam. It was fun hear the students express themselves through poetry. It was amazing to see their creativity and courage to present in front of the panel that they did. A giant shout out to our English department for doing this fun activity with their students. It was a huge success!

SaJHS News 4/25

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9th Grade ACT Aspire Test: 9th grade students will take the ACT Aspire test on May 2 and May 3. It is essentially a practice test for the real ACT they will take in high school. Research shows that the more exposure that students have to the ACT the better they score. Encourage your student to be prepared by getting enough rest, eating a good breakfast and putting their best effort when taking the test.


SaJHS News 04/18/2023

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End of Level Testing: This week is the 8th grade math test. Please continue to have your students get plenty of sleep and be prepared each day with their chromebook fully charged.

Yearbooks: You can still pre-order a yearbook at the finance office for $25. We will sell them until we run out. Order soon if you would like one!

Tardy Make-Up Information: Remember that in order to go to Lagoon on May 24th, students must meet the following requirements:

Career Day at Salem Jr High School

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Students at Salem Jr High School recently participated in a Career Day. Members of the community volunteered to come and share their career with our students. Each student had the opportunity to learn about four different careers they are interested in. Some of the careers represented were: