Salem Junior Celebrates WORLD CUP FEVER!

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Salem Jr World Cup Fever
Salem Jr World Cup Fever 1
Salem Jr World Cup Fever 2

Students at Salem Junior High School participated in celebrating the World Cup during the months of November and December. The World Cup normally takes place during the summer months. Due to Qatar’s high summer temperatures, the events played this fall instead. The change in the event dates provided a perfect opportunity to include students in this event as a learning experience. 

Students in Mrs. Edman’s Spanish classes learned that soccer is a vast and important part of the culture of several Latin American countries; soccer is absolutely revered in Latin American countries! 

Students learned that professional soccer teams have existed in Latin American countries since the 19th century and that the first World Cup took place in Uruguay in 1930. Teams from Spain, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Argentina, Mexico, and Ecuador have played in the World Cup, with Argentina making it into the finals. Students are able to appreciate and learn about Latin American countries, cultures, and traditions as a great integration of language, history, and geography. 

Students in Mr. Rees' World Geography and History classes learned about the Middle East and the World Cup provided some good examples of the how the culture of the Middle East affects life there and how the economy of that part of the world has impacted people both around the Persian Gulf and through many other areas of the world. Since Qatar was this year’s World Cup host, it provided an opportunity for the Spanish and World History/Geography teachers to integrate learning and collaborate across curriculums.

In order to join the world in enjoying the World Cup, a bracket was used to keep up with the games, the scores, the rankings, and team outcomes. Many students enjoyed looking at the bracket and keeping track of which teams had advanced. 

The Salem Junior High students are not just residents of Salem and of surrounding areas, but rather they are global citizens thanks to our interconnectedness through technology and travel.

Every day since the World Cup began in November, students discuss the countries playing, look at maps, discuss current issues surrounding the World Cup and are thoroughly engaged with a global event that unites nations and diverse peoples from all over the world.  This weekend, as the World Cup came to an end, many students and faculty from Salem Junior High were shouting, “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLL!!!!” in Spanish, or perhaps  chanting competitive chants and cheers as they watched Argentina play against France for the championship game. 

Congratulations to Argentina for the World Cup Win!

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