Pick Up and Drop Off Traffic Map

Submitted by neely.mcewan on Tue, 09/06/2022 - 12:38
Traffic Map

It is no small task getting 1000+ students to and from school each day, and we appreciate all of the support and help from our patrons as we seek to make pick up and drop off run as smoothly as possible. We appreciate your support in helping us to make this a safe plan for students and drivers. There are three open doors each morning until the bell rings to start the school day (noted in yellow). After that time, only the front door will remain unlocked for safety purposes and students will need to check in at the front office. As always, the middle lot is designated for faculty parking and bus pick up/drop off only. Please be vigilant in asking your students to use the sidewalks and not run across the road. Additionally, if you have high school student drivers who provide transportation for your jr high students, please make them aware of the traffic patterns. Thanks again for your help in getting our students to school and home safely each day!