Krista Mosbacker - Salem Junior High History Teacher recognized by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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Krista Mosbacker Orem,Utah is among the 15 educators selected
nationwide by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to join its
Museum Teacher Fellowship Program for the 2024-2025 cohort.
Educators were chosen for their knowledge of Holocaust history, successful
teaching experience, and participation in community and professional
organizations and events.

In July, the 2024 fellows will participate in the multi-day Pines, Sarna,
Statfeld Summer Institute for the Museum Teacher Fellowship
Program, where they will develop their historical knowledge and training
methods to help advance quality teaching about Holocaust history and
foster a network of leaders in the field of Holocaust education.

“The Museum Teacher Fellows play a vital role in bringing the lessons of
the Holocaust to communities around the country,” says Kim
Blevins-Relleva, manager of educator programs in the Museum’s Levine
Institute for Holocaust Education. “Teaching students critical thinking
skills and providing resources encouraging in-depth examination of how
and why the Holocaust happened are key components of the Museum’s
ongoing engagement with educators across the country.”

Established in 1996, the Museum Teacher Fellowship Program develops a
national corps of skilled educators to help lead the Museum’s efforts to
ensure quality Holocaust education in secondary schools. To date, the

 museum has trained 470 Museum Teacher Fellows.

After attending the conference in July, each Museum Teacher Fellow will
implement a professional development event for educators in their
community to share the Museum’s free educational resources with other
teachers in their cities and states.

In July 2025, the fellows will attend a follow-up program at the Museum to
assess their efforts and continue their study of the Holocaust with
Museum staff and noted speakers.

Lindsey Hughes