Results of the Student Mock-election at SaJHS

Sydney Ward

A sea of “I Voted” stickers and talk of politics engulfed students on Monday. Salem Jr. High’s first-ever mock election was open to all students to cast their ballots in favor of a new US President and Utah Governor. Teachers were asked to sit this one out, though protests were raised, and students voiced their opinions about politics in their very own way.

The ballot boxes were stuffed to the tops by the end of the day, and in total about 75% of students participated in the election. The results were…

For President:

Donald Trump: 60% (467 votes)

Evan McMullin: 10% (80 votes)

Hillary Clinton: 5% (38 votes)

Jill Stein: 3% (22 votes)

Gary Johnson: 2% (21 votes)


For Utah Governor:

Gary Herbert: 62% (482 votes)

Mike Weinholtz: 7% (54 votes)

Brian Kamerath: 6% (47 votes)

Superdell Schanze: 6% (45 votes)

Compared to the actual election (at least with the electoral college) these results were actually pretty accurate; Donald Trump is the new president-elect and Gary Herbert won re-election. Thanks to everyone who voted!