Art Class and 3D Tape Sculptures


I love walking past the art classrooms at our school. They always have great projects posted in the hall and everyone can see what they have been learning to do. During the day, art students are always engaged in their learning and having a great time as Mr. Shaffer and Ms. Hallam teach them ways to express their creativity. The other day I walked past Ms. Hallam's class, and her students were having a great time building 3D Tape Sculptures. What a great idea for an art project. I didn't take very many art classes, but let me tell you, I would have taken more if we would have done fun projects like this. Our students are lucky to have two great art teachers at this school.

October Students of the Month


Congratulations to our October students of the month!

These students exemplify being SPARTAN STRONG in Body, Heart, and Mind. Thanks for being a Salem Jr High Spartan: Gabe Goheen, Sami Pfaff, Jase Hendrickson, Malorie Bigler, Camie Thurgood, Isaac Barnum


September Students of the Month


Congratulations to our September students of the month!

These students exemplify being SPARTAN STRONG in Body, Heart, and Mind. Thanks for being a Salem Jr High Spartan: Bethany Fifita, Jack Guest, Halle Lyman, Nicolas De Santiago, Sydney Ward, and Garrett Cheney

Governor Herbert's Invitation to "Do the Write Thing"


Governor Herbert launches Do the Write Thing Challenge

SALT LAKE CITY (Sept. 23, 2016) – The Office of Gov. Gary R. Herbert and the Utah Board of Juvenile Justice invite seventh and eighth grade students to participate in the seventeenth annual Do the Write Thing Challenge aimed at combating youth violence in homes, schools and neighborhoods.

The challenge offers students an opportunity to examine the impact of youth violence in their lives and submit an essay on their thoughts to resolve issues related to youth and cultural violence. The campaign emphasizes personal responsibility by encouraging students to make a commitment to do something about the problem.

Last year’s challenge involved more than 2,500 students, with more than 1,000 submitting essays from thirteen school districts and twenty-one schools.

The deadline for entries is Dec. 9, 2016. One boy and one girl will be selected, along with their teacher and parent, to represent Utah at the National Recognition Week in Washington, D.C. in July 2017. Top essays will be published and placed in the Library of Congress. All contest finalists, honorable mentions, their teachers and parents will be invited to attend a recognition luncheon where the top two authors will be announced next April.

Teachers are encouraged to incorporate the Do the Write Thing Challenge in their classroom curriculum. Lesson plans may be found on the Board of Juvenile Justice’s website,

For more information including rules and entry forms, visit

View the letter from Gov. Herbert to educators here.

Ms. James's Dance Fitness Class Featured in Newspaper

The article can be found on the website

The Daily Herald published an article today featuring PE and Health teacher Ms. James's Dance and Fitness class. Ms. James is a favorite among students at our school and her new class has been really popular with students. The article quotes Ms. James saying that she wanted to provide a fun alternative to regular PE classes, something that will get students excited about being fit and staying active. It goes on to say that about 110 students will benefit from Dance and Fitness this year. 

Follow the link to to read more about Ms. James and her exciting new class.

SaJHS News Blog is Live


Our journalism students here at SaJHS are proud to announce that their news blog is going live today. Students will be posting regularly about school, their community, and their interests. The blog is hosted by and for the time being isn't searchable on Google, but you can use and share this link if you would like to read about the great things that our students are doing.