The next Choir performance is gonna knock your socks off!

Megan Mayo

All the choir students have been working hard in class, and outside of class to get their songs ready! The choir has usually only one concert a term, but this term some of the choirs have more than one performance!  There are 5 wonderful choirs at our school, Chamber, Women’s Choirs (both are auditioned choirs,) Concert Choir, and last but not least Chorus One Men’s Chorus, and Women’s Chorus.

There will be three out of the five choirs going to festival later this month, Chamber, Advanced Women’s chorus, and Concert Choir.  If you aren’t familiar to the word festival it is where choirs, orchestras, bands, etc. go and play their songs and get judged.  It is a great experience, and a great way to get feedback on how your group is doing with sound, and lots more!

Important dates to remember.  March 11th advanced choirs (Chamber, and Auditioned Women’s Chorus,) workshop with professional choir Luxs at Salem Jr high from 1-4 pm.  Then, later that evening there is a concert with Luxs at 7pm at Salem Hills High School.  March 14 Concert Choir is going to the intermediate Choir festival at Salem Hills High School from 9-12 pm. March 16th all Choirs are performing at the high school at 7 pm.  March 24 Chamber, and Women’s chorus are going to the advanced Choir festival at Payson High school from 9-12 pm.  Then on March 29th the auditioned Women’s Chorus are going to festival at the Libby Garden Singing house in SLC.

You can come support our choirs by coming and watching some of their performances.  The most convenient concert that is coming up the Concert with all the choirs on March 16th at Salem Hills High School starting at 7:00 pm.  It’s absolutely free, but there’s always a good turn out so come by 6:30 when the doors open so you can get a seat! At the concert,  each choir sings their own songs, one combined number with the advanced choirs (chamber, concert choir, and the auditioned women’s chorus), and a combined number with all the choirs at our school. Come support your friends!  


So many things happening here at SaJHS

Sydni Clem

What’s going on around the school? Well, there’s been a lot going on since the end of the year is coming up! We lately have had our school talent show and we have had a lot of tryouts for 9th graders! Sage testing is coming up along with all the activities going on.

Tryout Season:

We have lots of tryouts for the 9th graders who are moving on to high school. There are tryouts for soccer, baseball, softball, cheer, drill team and more!

At the Jr. High there are tennis tryouts for the boys.


Track is coming up! It started yesterday! (Wednesday, March 8) The first meet was held in the Multi-purpose room. Some of the events are sprints, hurtles, relays, long distance, and long jump. There is an event for everyone!

The talent show was on March 6. Our school has so much talent! There were things from singing, to piano, to yo-yos.

Sage testing is right around the corner! The day we can start testing is Monday, March 27. We will have testing in English, Math, and Science.

The End of the Term is approaching on Thursday, March 16. There will be no school on Friday, March 17.


Students show us their genius in this year's talent show


March 6 might have been a short day here at SaJHS, but it had big moments during our annual talent show. I think that the talen show sponsored by our student counsel is probably my favorite assembly we do here at SaJHS. So many of our students have amazing skills that they don't always get the chance to share here at school. How often do we let kids pogo-stick around the halls between classes for example? The talent show is one day where students can show us their genius and show off in front of their peers. Let me say that these students do not disappoint. 

This year we had some great acts up on our stage. We had yo-yo tricks, pogo sticking, self-composed music, singing and rapping, guitar playing, dancing, and even comedy. Watching students stand up in front of the school and bare their soul with their music or make us laugh is just one more reminder of how great the students at our school is. The audience is always respectful and supportive of their peers and even patient when the inevitable technical difficulty happens. And most importantly, they applaud and cheer and shout after the students showcase their talent in front of everyone.

I can't wait for the talent show next year to see a new group of students show off their genius as they wow us with their talents. 


March Math Muncher 1


A new month has begun and that means that we have new Math Munchers. Here is the first challenge. It might be a bit tricky. Can you figure it out?


Discovering DNA

Alyssa Halcrow and Decker Lewis work together to build their model DNA

Students in biology class have been learning about genetics and DNA recently. In order to help her students understand the concepts like the double helix structure and base pairing, Mrs. Roberts has them building model DNA. They can choose the sequence, but the model is structured so that the chemicals can only be paired correctly. This is a great hands-on learning activity and just one example of the awesome things being done at our school on a regular basis.

Guys and Dolls finishes its successful run

The entire cast of Guys and Dolls

For a the past few months here at SaJHS our stage has been a busy scene as students rehersed their roles in the classic Guys and Dolls. Saturday, however, brought an end to afterschool rehersals as the cast of Guys and Dolls gave their last performance to a nearly packed auditorium. Here is what Mrs. Ashworth had to say about her experience:

"I've loved every play & cast that we have performed, here at Salem jr High, ever since my reign began. But this year's play is probably my fave. The cast and crew are like one big family! They take care of each other. Guys and Dolls had a fun story, memorable songs, and 4 amazing performances.  But what really is going to stick with the creators of this performance was the friendship and experience that the students and directors gained from working on this show. My students have heard me say this but its still true, I can't do any of this alone; I need my backstage crew making sure that props and set pieces are where they should be when the curtains open; I need my tech booth on top of cues so that the audience can see and hear; and I need my fabulous actors lines or no lines to help tell this story. When you think about it I really don't do that much, It's all of the students working together with just a little bit of guidance from me. Thank you Cast, Crew, & Parents!"


Spartan Weekly News 2/28/17


Check out what's happening here at SaJHS in our weekly news show.

6th Graders Visit SaJHS

6th grade students listening to Mr. Wells and the orchestra

9:oo Monday morning several buses rolled past my windows and unloaded next year's 7th grade class. They came out laughing and joking, looking around wide-eyed and pointing around as they took in their new school for the next several years. Obviously were excited to come the the junior high to check out the school and learn about classes and activities that they will get to try next year when they become junior high students. 

Every year students come from our feeder elementary schools Barnett (some of them), Foothills, Mt. Loafer, and Salem, to learn about what SaJHS has to offer them and to get them ready to sign up for classes. We put on a good show for them. The performing arts classes put on a show for them and they heard from some of the teachers about the elective classes that will be available. We also give them advice for next year from the mouths of actual 7th grade students who have now mastered junior high. Lastly, they are taken on a tour of the school led by our student council and Hope Squad who show them all of the must-know places in the building and give them the rundown on various teachers.

It is a great time and they kids really enjoy themselves. They got back on the bus at around 11:00 hopefully a little more excited and a little less nervous about going to a new school and dealing with the challenges of Junior High.

History with Mr. Winget

Cassie Haight

If you’ve ever heard of Mr. Winget, then you know he is one of the greatest teachers here at Salem Jr High. Mr. Winget brings fun, easy, and safe activities to his classroom in order to make learning a little easier and fun.  On the other hand while Mr. Winget may be fun, he also doesn’t tolerate bad behavior, so it’s up to the students to have fun in his class as well.

Currently the student in Mr. Wingets’ class are learning about The Walker War, and The Blackhawk war. Like I said before, Mr. Winget says  “It’s always fun, but it is never about me, just the students. I hope these kids make a difference in our world today.” So if you have a sixth grader coming here next year, you’ll know what kind of teacher they have if they get Mr. Winget.