Advanced Choir Auditions: April 24-27


Spartans! You’ve probably heard from friends or seen the posters in the halls, Advanced Choir Auditions are here! The auditions will run from April 24th to the 27th.  Mr. Guthrie is excited to hear all your voices! If you’re interested in auditioning please go to the choir hall and grab an audition packet on the bulletin board. If and when you’ve decided to audition you can sign your name on the lists in the choir room hall. The packet contains lots of information about how advanced choirs run.

For auditions you are required to sing The Star Spangled Banner in your harmony part, all women sing the alto part, tenor sing tenor part, and bass sing bass. You also need to sing the melody to Homeward Bound. All the music is in the audition packet. If you want more details here’s a link to the choir website:

If you are nervous about auditions don’t be! Even if you think you might audition please do! There are so many amazing voices hidden in our school please come! It’s a good experience and choir is so much fun. (you get to miss school sometimes)! GO SPARTANS!!

Band Travels to Snow College

Daniel Stolworthy

The concert band and advanced percussion traveled to Snow College today to perform for 2 judges and receive a clinic from Dr. Vance Larsen. Students were also able to watch a moving performance by the Snow College Wind Symphony as they were conducted by the guest clinicians, Wayne Erickson, Dr. Gary Gilroy, and Dr. Vance Larsen. The Snow College director of bands, Dr. David Fullmer, gave us his applause and praised our progress from our district performance to this festival performance. We look forward to more Snow College visits in future years. 

Students of the Month for April 2017

This month's Students of the Month

Here we present you with the Students of the Month for the month of April. We are proud of these students, and they have shown us all year long that they are hard workers and kids who come to school with a great attitude every day. Congratulations to these students for being chosen this month.

7th: Kareena Christensen, Maddux Howard

8th: Hannah Veatch, Detroit Kane
9th: Kiera Collings, Dayton Morris

Students get the red carpet treatment to start off SAGE testing


Today we kicked off our second annual SAGE celebration at SaJHS. Last year, the faculty decided we wanted to do something to celebrate students and their academic acheivement during the SAGE test in order to create a more positive atmosphere during the SAGE testing period. Today students were greeted by a red carpet to walk down while teachers cheered them on and gave them high fives. Some students were shy about getting all of that attention, but most seemed to enjoy it.

During this celebration we will be teaching students important strategies for taking tests that will help them in college and even their professional lives beyond school. Today they were taught the importance of a good breakfast before taking important tests. It's hard to concentrate if you haven't eaten a good meal, so we offered a free breakfast for all students coming into school today. 

This is just the first of several things that we will be doing to help our students approach their end of year testing with a postive, can do attitude. We want our students to see the test not as a punishment or a trial to be endured, rather a chance to show what they have learned this year and a chance to compete against themselves as they strive to do better than they did the year before.

Good luck students!


Jazz Band Earns a Superior Rating at District Assessment

Daniel Stolworthy
Jazz band students work with John Miller after their performance at the district jazz assessment

The SaJHS Jazz Band performed at the district jazz assessment at Spanish Fork High School yesterday, March 30, They did great, earning a superior rating from the judge. 

Students also had the opportunity to work with the judge for a bit after their performance. The judge was John Miller, recently retired band director of American Fork High School. Students were able to learn more about jazz articulation and styles and who to listen to in order to get better at their instrument. 

Bands are scored 1-5 with plus and minus variation. 1 is the highest ranking, and bands who score 1's are given the rank of Superior. Needless to say, this is a great accomplishment for our Jazz Band. They have been working hard with Mr. Stolworthy and it shows. Good job Jazz Band.

Students in jazz band are:
Zac Anson
Samuel Beal
Derrick Brinkerhoff
Spencer Fleming
Zachary Hunter
Joshua Jones
Kaleb Loses
Jacob Merrill
Wesley Pratt
Thomas Scharff
Luis Soon
Garret Taylor
Kirsten Terry
Ammon Wallace
Matthew Warren
Brennon Wilder 

A Teachers Purpose: Part 2

Jared Kearns

This week on a Teacher’s Purpose, I am interviewing Mr. Moser and Senor Brandon. Teacher's purpose is a blog where I ask teachers their story of how they got into teaching and what they like about it.

Mr. Moser said he was very shy he had no intention of becoming a teacher. After he went on a “two year vacation” and learned to teach he realized that he enjoyed educating people in topics he felt passionate about. His dad  was in science so he decided to teach science. “what we have is what we feel worth teaching” Life is a lot more than getting a job. A teachers purpose is, “To be an example, and an inspiration, to help them down the same path that we went down, and to help the find their own path.”

Senor Brandon told me he had some good teachers who were good examples to him in high school. He likes to hang out with the students and make them feel wanted and needed. A teachers purpose is to help kids find their place, I don’t try to hide myself when I teach them, and teach the kids to be their own person.

Aerobic Conditioning Learns about Yoga

KyLynn James
Students in Ms. James's class experimenting with Yoga poses

Ms. James aerobic conditioning students have recently completed their yoga unit. Students learned about some of the history of yoga as well as the benefits to practicing yoga. After having the opportunity to try several different types of yoga and create their own yoga sequences, Ms. James was able to bring in a guest instructor where the students were able to enjoy a full yoga class of individual, team building, and mediation exercises. 

Hope Squad: Learning to help others

Amy Haider

Three of our amazing students were able to attend a Hope Squad training today in Provo. They learned valuable information in how to help their fellow students who may be facing difficult challenges. We're so lucky to have such caring students who look out for each other!