Captain America 3: Dawn of Awesomeness

Tyler Caldwell

 Ever since the trailer for “Captain America: Civil War”, superhero fans have been very excited.  This Marvel film is going to be different than any other superhero movie we have yet seen.  Instead of good vs evil, it’s good vs good!

After all the damage that the Avengers have caused, you know, saving the world and everything, the government decides to interfere.  They come up with a new system which bans superheroes from going into action unless they are officially called.  Captain America, along with a handful of other heroes, disagree with this act.  Also, the government wants Bucky Barnes (A.K.A. the Winter Soldier) in custody because he was a H.Y.D.R.A. assassin.  But Captain America, Bucky’s best friend, wants freedom for Bucky. 

 The government recognizes that Cap is rebelling and sends Iron Man (Tony Stark), who is all for the government's plan, to talk some sense into him.  Apparently, it doesn’t go so well.  In the trailers, we see Iron Man getting beat pretty badly by Captain America.  At one point, Iron Man says dramatically, “You just started a war.”

We see a couple of pretty crazy things in the two trailers that have been released.  First of all, something happens to Rhodey (War Machine), Iron Man’s friend.  In the trailer, he seems to be shot down by the Winter Soldier.  It’s hard to say if he’s dead, but it doesn’t look very good.  Second, Spider-Man is shown.  Iron Man is getting annoyed and suddenly yells, “Underoos!” which is apparently his nickname for Spider-Man. Spidey then jumps in out of nowhere and actually steals Captain America’s shield.  He lands on top of a car and says his first line in a Marvel film, “Hey, everyone.”  Black Panther, another awesome hero, is also shown, but he doesn’t have a very drastic entrance.    

The Avengers practically split into two teams, one led by Cap, and the other by Tony Stark.  It looks like Bucky, Falcon, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch have decided to join Captain America.  But Iron Man has some pretty strong contenders too, including Black Widow, War Machine, Vision, and newcomers Spider-Man and Black Panther.

The Captain America movie series seems like it’s going to end very successfully.  The two trailers combined have over one billion views on YouTube!  The film is set to be released on May 6, 2016, and it may just be the most successful superhero movie ever.  One thing is for sure, the Marvel Universe will never be the same.  


SaJHS should have a soccer team

Summer Wilde

                                                                             Picture of Shooters, a local accelerated Soccer Team

Salem Junior High School should have their own Soccer teams.  Soccer is a great team sport that lets everyone join in and participate.  If students are working together to do their best and gather together to support the team, stronger bonds will be formed.  Our school can become more unified.

From what I have observed, soccer is the most played sport throughout our school.  It is enjoyed by many of my peers who play and is appreciated by others that like to watch.  We have the resources to start teams.  There is a great big field behind the school and soccer nets as well.  The field could be used for both practice and games!

It would be frustrating to wait until high school to participate in school soccer.  If they began in junior high school, they could get more practice.  This way, they will be more prepared when time comes to try out and join the high school soccer teams.  Without junior high school soccer, students won’t have the experience needed to help them feel prepared for high school.

To participate in school sports, it is less expensive than club and other accelerated teams.  Not everyone can afford to pay for club soccer.  By giving students the choice to do school soccer, it can give them an opportunity that wasn’t an option to them before.  Most everyone on the local Shooters team (local club near Salem) attends Salem junior high school.  By giving them an opportunity to do school soccer, it is made easier to attend practices and games due to the locations.  Salem junior high school should create their own soccer teams.


Spiderman never gets his due

Tyler Caldwell

Spider-Man is ranked as one of the greatest superheroes of all time, but I still feel like he is underrated. He should be ranked as the greatest superhero by far. Spider-Man is the most exciting super hero to watch in action because he’s cool under pressure, has amazing powers, and never gives up. Tons of teenagers can relate to him because he lives a fairly normal teenage life as Peter Parker.

Bitten by a genetically modified radioactive super-spider, Peter Parker gained incredible abilities. He was suddenly able to scale walls and stick himself to things just like a spider. He was able to punch through a solid concrete wall with his spider-strength. He gained spectacular agility and a sixth sense that warns him of oncoming danger (which he refers to as his “spider-sense”). Using his superior intellect he developed a web-shooter. This mechanism ejects an advanced adhesive, releasing web-fluid in a variety of configurations, including a single rope-like strand to swing from, a net to bind enemies, and a simple glob to foul machinery or blind an opponent. He can also weave his webs into helpful objects such as a shield or a parachute.

The story of Spider-Man is set in New York, a real-life place unlike Superman’s Metropolis or Batman’s Gotham city, which makes the story more real. Peter Parker is the school's biggest nerd at Midtown High, especially when it comes to science. Even if he isn’t an average person, he has the same struggles as most teenagers. He stresses about school, friends, and home life, while also having the burden of being Spider-Man. He is constantly torn from his regular life into exciting adventures. Although he always saves the day, the New York press makes people think he’s a menace and a threat, so the people of New York never appreciate what he does for them. This has caused him to temporarily retire on one or two occasions, but his want to do right always brings him back. Spider-Man is very cool under pressure. He always has something clever or sarcastic to say, which really annoys his enemies, and makes it more enjoyable to watch him in action.

Some people might think that Spider-Man is a boring character because he’s just a nerdy teenager who got lucky. Maybe he is a nerd who has normal life struggles, doesn’t look like the “hero type”, and isn’t ever appreciated by the people he serves. But in my opinion, that makes him even better. He is so easy to relate to for many teenagers, and his story becomes almost believable the deeper you get into it. He definitely has some awesome powers and a pretty cool looking suit. He is definitely a superhero that people can look up to for his bravery, endurance, and desire to do good. Spider-Man is the best superhero ever.

Students try to reach goals with Sage Test

Lily Christensen and Sydney Ward

It’s that time of year again, the dreaded Sage tests. Teachers are stressed and students are bored. Last year our students performed well very well. We managed to score above the state average. But in comparison to Nebo District schools, Salem Jr. High scored only a fraction above Payson Jr., Mt. Nebo, and Diamond Fork, and below Spanish Fork, Springville, and way behind Mapleton. We know the students at Salem Junior High are very intelligent and determined, so this news on how far behind our school is to the rest of the district is shocking. We will have to be extremely focused this year to higher our ranks and better our school in comparison to the district.

As a school we have made goals to be shooting for this upcoming sage test. In 2014 our seventh graders scored a 42% in Language Arts, 48% in Mathematics and 40% in Science. The 8th graders scored a 36% in Language Arts, 32% in Mathematics and a 41%  in Science. Finally our 2014 9th graders scored a 45% in Language Arts, 37% in Mathematics and in Science a 56%. In 2015 the students are going to try their best, realize the Sage is important and attempt to raise all percents 5% higher.

Students around the school have voiced their opinions on the tests, “I don’t like it,” Addi Martinson and Gideon Anderson agree. “It’s long and boring,” Hyrum Gunderson says. It is true that the test is lengthy but as Mrs. Huhtala, a 7th and 8th grade english teacher said, those tests help us to see quantitative data about how well students learn. While not everyone may like the tests, we should do our best to score well, because it’s an important part of deciding the material for next year.

This year, if we score at least 5% better on our Sage tests, the school is offering us a barbeque-field day as a reward. So try your best!

Busy Work is Pointless

Leah Adams


What is the purpose of teachers giving extra work they won't even check? It adds to kids stress of getting work done. It is however good for the kids who have the time for the extra practice or need it. But, when the kid is staying up late to finish and goes to school sleep deprived and finds out that the teacher won't worry about going over it. When this happens, it causes them not to do very well in their other classes because they are tired, and for basically no reason.

If teachers are going to hand out busy work, then they should at least tell the students in advance that it is for extra help or practice. If the students don't know, they could miss out on something for, lose sleep, or not get something from another class done, just because they took the time to do the assignment. Even if it does give them extra help, it serves no purpose when it comes to the main things that do matter and give credit. Maybe the student will have time and work hard, but having their work not checked could affect how they do on the test. They maybe didn’t  do too well but how are they supposed to know that? They think they did well when they didn’t, and that could ruin their grade when they take the test.

Even if the student is doing well, knows the answers, and has the time, they could still be frustrated. Knowing that they worked on something they already knew when they could have been doing something else, maybe working on something from another class. The extra study is good for kids who need it and have the time because it could help them become better. I’, not saying handing out busy work is bad to do, I’m saying that the students need to be told that it is practice.  I appreciate busy work, but not when I stay up late working on it only to find i didn't have to do it.



Gossiping must stop

Leah Adams & Ashlyn Hills

By Leah Adams

Nobody likes when someone is talking about them behind their back, but they most likely have done it to someone else. Gossiping is all around us, everyone has done it whether they’d like to admit it or not. In the moment it may be exciting or funny, but if you think about how you could be hurting someone, it won't be anymore. It isn’t the right thing to hurt someone or their reputation like that, no matter who it is or what the have done, they don’t deserve it. Bringing pain to someone shouldn’t make you laugh, it should make you regret being a part of the gossip. If you take pleasure in gossiping and talking behind people's backs, just thing of how you would feel if someone did it to you. You may say you wouldn’t mind, but it affects everyone when something rude has been said about them. When you gossip, it is an actual human person you are talking about, just like yourself. Maybe you aren’t saying something too rude, maybe you are, no matter what someone could still be hurt and become sad about it. You don’t know what someone could be going through and saying rude things about them won't help.Their mental health will be decrease and it could bring them to suicidal thoughts. Surely nobody could enjoy bringing an end to someone's life like that, or even just ruin their life. Being gossiped about could make someone very depressed and ruin their mental health and who they are. Of course, gossiping will never come to an end, but we should always do our best not to. Decreasing the gossiping and unkind words is as best that can be done and it can make a huge difference. Gossiping is not good, and everyone would be much happier if nothing rude was being said. Everyone should try to do their best to stop it, a difference can be made.

By Ashlyn Hill

For years now you have heard, known, grown up knowing the word, bully. And when you hear the word; instantly, it brings a negative atmosphere to the area. Bullying, cyberbullying, and hurt feelings can lead to unwanted actions. School, homes, local places, etc. all take place of this. Side effects can be the consequence of this series of events. Personally, bullying, is a cruel, and unusual way of vengeance to show a person’s point in justifying they have overcome you in a negative way. It hurts, and breaks down people, mentally, physically, and socially. That is a huge problem. I too, have felt this way. At some point it can effect and tear someone down so much it can lead to suicidal thoughts or actions. Saige Stewart, an eighth grader here, at Salem Jr. High School, shared her opinion on bullying, she stated, “I feel like everyone should be nice to everyone and bullies should be way  more considerate of other people’s feelings.” I asked her how reaching out and helping someone help consider their feelings? “It makes them feel loved and special and helps them be happier and blocks out the bullies or whatever else they are struggling with” What is a way people can help stop bullying and helping those around us? “People can stop bullying by asking himself why they are really bullying that person and is it is really worth taking away the person's self confidence and we can help those around us by not being shy and not a bystander and just go help that person because it only take like 10 seconds of courage, then it’s over.”  Bullying has started us in the face and made up feel unwanted, self doubtful, not good enough. A tip I would like to share with adults is that, they wonder why kids don’t feel comfortable coming to them to get the help, and support that they desire so much. I see it all the time in the halls. And what most people are used to seeing is teasing, joking, kidding around. Everyone, and I mean everyone has limits. People can only take so much. So that’s where an end needs to begin. I am no expert on this. But I know when there is a problem, it need to be stopped, before something goes out of hand, or out of contro. Together, we can end bullying and I know for a living fact, it isn’t good for you, me, at school, a family, a friendship, a community, and yet, even further a world. We are all worth and so much better than that. And I know we can end it. Just remember, respect other people’s feelings. Even if it doesn’t mean anything to you. It could mean everything to them.


Are Sports Really Worth It?

Hyrum Devenport
Picture Cred- Mrs. Huhtala Utah Grizzlies vs. Tulsa Oilers

For hundreds of years, competitive sports have been an essential part of human existence. Artifacts suggest that sports could be found as early as 2000 BC in Asia. Ancient Egyptian monuments show that sports such as swimming and fishing were well-developed thousands of years ago. Sports entertain us, and they bind communities together. But are they really worth it? According to, “more than 775,000 children … are treated in hospital emergency rooms for sports-related injuries each year.” That’s a whole lot of injuries! But wounds aren’t the only thing bad about sports. Sports cause a whole lot of tension and anger between people, too.

Recently, the SaJHS Journalism class took a trip to a Utah Grizzlies hockey game. For most of the game, everyone seemed to be happy and friendly. The Grizzlies were beating the Oilers, the opposing hockey team, but both sides seemed to be happy. Then, when one team missed a goal, a fight broke out on the ice. The involved players fought fiercely, and the referees allowed them to continue until one of them fouled the other. Honestly, this shook me. The fact that people allowed the fighting to continue, even urged them on, was frightening.

However, sports aren’t all bad, as any athlete will tell you. Coach Blanchard, the Track and Field Coach at Salem Jr High, said that sports “are a great social experience.” explains that sports also “teach teamwork and help [athletes] achieve goals…help athletes do better academically…[and] cuts down on pressure and stress.”

While sports result in many injuries and cause fighting and anger, they also have a multitude of benefits. So are sports worth it? I believe that they are.


Journalism students cover Utah Grizzlies game

Amy Huhtala
Adam Mikulich, KUTV Sports
Adam Turner, Salt Lake Tribune

Mrs. Huhtalas' journalism students, some current and some past, along with five yearbook students were able to attend the Utah Grizzlies Journalism night at the Maverick Center this evening. Students were greeted by Grizzlies exec Adrian Denny and were brought to the Maverick Center press room to get a first hand look into the world of sports broadcasting and journalism. The highlight of the pre-game interviews was definitely when students were given the chance to hear from Adam Mikulich, KUTV Sports personality. Mikulich shared his love of sports and his love of writing while his rivoting story-telling ability left students inspired and encouraged to work hard and chase their dreams. The best part of the interview was when students called out the names of their favorite sports heroes to see if Mikulich had met or interviewed them. Adam Turner, from the Salt Lake Tribune also spoke to the students. He stressed to the students how important preparations and perserverance was in the journalism profession.

After the pre-game interviews, students were escorted to a psuedo- press station at the top of the stadium to enjoy a birds-eye view of the game, which the Grizzlies unfortunately lost in a 3-2 shootout. 

Students returned to the press room to interview head coach/general manager Tim Branham and right wing Matt Berry (#22). Both Branham and Berry did a great job of answering questions for the student's article. The Grizzlies are sponsoring a contest in which the winning article will be publised on the Grizzlies' website.  The deadline for stories is 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. 

Mrs. Huhtala said, "It was a great night and a wonderful opportunity for the kids to have an authentic writing experience. The Grizzlies' personnel made us feel welcome-- I could tell it was important to them to give the students a positive experience. We can't wait until next year!"

Clothing Exploration

Summer Wilde
Ashlyn Parker models how to use a sewing machine

Mrs. Thacker has fun options for electives next year!  She has come up with exciting sewing projects for anyone to participate in.  Instead of sewing electives for only eighth and ninth graders, she will now have a class for seventh graders who have dreamed of taking a sewing class. Here are the sewing options for the 2016-17 school year.

7th Grade FACS class

For the first quarter, students will be sewing and for the second quarter they  will be cooking food.  They will make basic projects such as an apron and possibly a pillow case!  The students will use the aprons that they make when they begin cooking during the second quarter.  

8th Grade FACS class

Eighth grade students will study the art of interior design.  They will also sew hoodies and book buddies.  Book buddies is a new project that began this year.  A book buddy is a little stuffed animal that you create.  Mrs. Thacker has a goal to make one book buddy for every 1st grader that will eventually feed into the junior high. The first graders will read out loud to them which will help to improve their fluency while reading.

9th Grade class  

Students in ninth grade will be sewing more advanced projects.  They will sew their own advanced stuffed animal.  As well as a pair of pajama pants and an apron!  If you like to sew or would like to learn how to sew, these would be the classes to take!

Sarah Rigby, a student in Mrs. Thacker’s 4th period sewing class, says, “I took sewing because I like to sew!  My favorite project so far is the pillowcase that I made.”  Another student in Mrs. Thacker’s 4th period sewing class, Macy Badger shared, “I took sewing to learn how to sew.  I enjoy making stuffed animals.  I have made monsters and am currently making an owl.”  These are students who are in the class now and would encourage you to take them next year!