Results of the Student Mock-election at SaJHS

Sydney Ward

A sea of “I Voted” stickers and talk of politics engulfed students on Monday. Salem Jr. High’s first-ever mock election was open to all students to cast their ballots in favor of a new US President and Utah Governor. Teachers were asked to sit this one out, though protests were raised, and students voiced their opinions about politics in their very own way.

The ballot boxes were stuffed to the tops by the end of the day, and in total about 75% of students participated in the election. The results were…

For President:

Donald Trump: 60% (467 votes)

Evan McMullin: 10% (80 votes)

Hillary Clinton: 5% (38 votes)

Jill Stein: 3% (22 votes)

Gary Johnson: 2% (21 votes)


For Utah Governor:

Gary Herbert: 62% (482 votes)

Mike Weinholtz: 7% (54 votes)

Brian Kamerath: 6% (47 votes)

Superdell Schanze: 6% (45 votes)

Compared to the actual election (at least with the electoral college) these results were actually pretty accurate; Donald Trump is the new president-elect and Gary Herbert won re-election. Thanks to everyone who voted!


Bronson Kaufusi Visits Salem Jr. High

Marissa Browning
Bronson Kafusi with Mr. Taylor's class

On Thursday October 13th Mr. Taylor’s 9th graders had career day. They had a lot of cool visitors one of them was Bronson Kaufusi. I interviewed Mr. Taylor bout it and here is what he said.

Who is Bronson Kaufusi?

He is an american football defensive end. He played college football at
BYU. he’s currently playing for the Baltimore Ravens.

Why did Bronson Kaufusi come to the school?

“Because my daughter is here”

What did you guys do?

“It was career day so he came and talked about his career”

How was career day?

“It was awesome! We had the FBI, police dog trainer, etc. there was lots of variety!”

What is all the talk about him being your man crush?

“I’m a big BYU fan and he was quite the specimen he is the “ideal” man”

Was it the best career day visit?

“Yes best one yet! It had Bronson Kafusi of course it was the best one ever!

Obviously it was a very successful  career day and they all had a lot of fun. Hopefully we have many more great career days ahead of us!


Art Class and 3D Tape Sculptures


I love walking past the art classrooms at our school. They always have great projects posted in the hall and everyone can see what they have been learning to do. During the day, art students are always engaged in their learning and having a great time as Mr. Shaffer and Ms. Hallam teach them ways to express their creativity. The other day I walked past Ms. Hallam's class, and her students were having a great time building 3D Tape Sculptures. What a great idea for an art project. I didn't take very many art classes, but let me tell you, I would have taken more if we would have done fun projects like this. Our students are lucky to have two great art teachers at this school.

October Students of the Month


Congratulations to our October students of the month!

These students exemplify being SPARTAN STRONG in Body, Heart, and Mind. Thanks for being a Salem Jr High Spartan: Gabe Goheen, Sami Pfaff, Jase Hendrickson, Malorie Bigler, Camie Thurgood, Isaac Barnum


September Students of the Month


Congratulations to our September students of the month!

These students exemplify being SPARTAN STRONG in Body, Heart, and Mind. Thanks for being a Salem Jr High Spartan: Bethany Fifita, Jack Guest, Halle Lyman, Nicolas De Santiago, Sydney Ward, and Garrett Cheney