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Spartan Target Conference

Submitted by on Mon, 10/29/2012 - 10:17

Spartan Target Conference Nov 1  -  3:30 – 7:30


Traditional report cards only give a fraction of the story.  We believe that by explicitly communicating the learning targets with our students daily, and with parents periodically, students will be more attuned to their own learning and will be required to reflect on their progress.  These learning targets are the basis of all instruction and assessments in the classroom.  By holding these conferences, parents not only know clear learning objectives for each subject but will also have the progress score for their students.  This 4.0 scale will identify where a student is needing extra support in re-teaching or excelling.  Please remember that a score of 3.0 shows proficiency.  This is the goal for each learning target.


Students with their guest (a parent, older sibling, etc.) will come to our Spartan Target Conference night and head to their 7th period teacher’s classroom.  In this classroom, students will introduce their guest to their teacher and grab their individual portfolio.  Students will then go through the contents of the portfolio as they have practiced during the week.  At the end of reviewing the reports, guest and student will establish an academic or behavior goal that will be reviewed at the next conference.  One copy will be taken home while the other will be left in the portfolio.  Upon completion, please feel free to visit any of your student’s teachers.


New SaJHS Marquee

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New marquee welcoming everyone to SaJHS

The electronic marquee is now functional and is a wonderful addition to our school. The procurement of the sign has been a great effort on the part several parties.

  • Kirk and Angela Rogers: Kirk was integral in securing the donation of the sign from UCCU; Angela is a SaJHS PTA board member
  •  UCCU: Utah Community Credit Union – donated the actual sign to SaJHS
  • SaJHS PTA: Raising funds to cover refurbishment and installation through various fundraisers including tee shirt sales, Bullseye Buck (student fundraiser), Spartan Family Fun Run
  • Karen Riding: Donated funds for the sign and her family previously owned the land where the school is located.

We would like to thank everyone involved in this exciting project! If anyone would like to donate, please contact the SaJHS PTA president, Laurine Jack at, or call Mrs. Beardall at SaJHS at 423-6550. We have incredible support at SaJHS from our parents and community members – thank you!!



SaJHS Red Ribbon Week

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SaJHS Red Ribbon Week Daily Themes 2012

October 29-November 2

Please participate in the fun and educational activities during Red Ribbon Week at Salem Junior High!

Monday:              “I Pledge Allegiance to my Health”

(Make sure to sign the scroll pledges at lunch in the cafeteria and receive your wristband)

Tuesday:             “Join the Drug-free Team”

(Wear your favorite sports jersey to school and receive a dum-dum sucker during Olympic Time)

Wednesday:       “Drugs are a Nightmare”  Dress-up Day for Halloween   

(Dress in your school appropriate costume and then come participate in the Costume Contest on Stage at Lunch)

Thursday:  “Red-y to be Drug-free”

(Wear red to school and receive Twizzlers during Olympic Time)

Friday:                 “Spartan Spirit”

(Wear school spirit colors this day and receive a treat. Students still wearing their wristbands will also receive a treat during Olympic Time)



News from the SaJHS Lunchroom

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News and Information from the Lunchroom

Our wonderful cafeteria staff has helped us start out our new school with delicious and nutritious meals! They have some information they would like to share with students and parents:

  • Cost: The school lunch cost is $2.25 for students and $3.00 for adults this year.
  • PayPams: It is very helpful to students and staff if lunch fund balances are kept current. The PayPams system is a great way to view balances, check your child’s nutrition spending, view online account statements, make online payments, receive low balance email reminders, and set up automatic payments based on balance. PayPams can be accessed on the Nebo website ( under the Parents drop down menu.
  • Stamps: The lunch managers will stamp a student’s hand when the fund balance is low.
  • Menu: Please check the menu online on the Nebo webpage ( under the Parents drop down menu.
  • Free or Reduced Lunch: Please see the Lunch Clerk for information
  • Breakfast: We offer breakfast each morning. Please note: If a student receives free/reduced lunch, they also receive free/reduced breakfast.

New Items: We are offering some new wonderful salads including chef and taco salads as well as a baked potato bar on Fridays – these are all very delicious and nutritious!!


New Adventures

Submitted by maria.ruiz on Wed, 05/16/2012 - 14:44
Mrs. Kimball, Mr. Mecham, and Mrs. Cook visit band room under construction.


We are excited to begin our new adventures in the fall together! Things are on their way as the builders are finishing the building, our teachers are getting ready for their curriculum, and our counselors are putting together your students’ schedules.



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