December SaJHS Students of the Month

Mariah Sainsbury, Yvette Lazarte, Sam Lofthouse, Tanner Palmer, Sienna Pfaff

Our hardworking, fantastic students of the month for December are: Mariah Sainsbury, Sam Lofthouse, Yvette Lazarte, Tanner Palmer, Spencer Crow, and Sienna Pfaff. Congratulations to our December Students of the Month! 

SaJHS Orchestra Concert

Julia Critchfield and Mikela Marvin
Students enjoy performing at the orchestra concert

Thursday, December 20, was Salem Jr. High's first orchestra concert.  It was a spectacular show with amazing music.  The 7th, 8th, and 9th grade orchestras all performed, and they were also joined by the Salem Hills High orchestras.  The 7th grade opened up the show with three amazing songs.  The first song they played was "Up On a Housetop" followed by "Brandenburg Concerto No. 5", and they concluded their performance with the "Can Can."  The next group to play was the 8th grade orchestra.  They had an amazing performance playing two great Christmas songs, "Fum, Fum, Fum," and "Canon."  Next up were the 9th graders.  They played the songs "Pat-a-Pan", and the "Themes From the Nutcracker."  They had an amazing performance.  After the 9th graders finished, the high schoolers got up and played their songs.  They played "Greensleeves", "Sleigh Ride", and "A Mad Russians Christmas", and did a spectacular job.  To conclude the concert, all of the orchestras got back on stage and played two final numbers.  They first played Carol of the Bells combined, then ended the concert with Silent Night.  It was an amazing concert that left you wanting to hear more.  Each of the orchestras did a great job, and can't wait until their next concert.

SaJHS Wrestling

Kyle Larsen and Seth Wride
Coach Killian and his team at practice

         Our school’s wrestling team has done extremely well, especially considering that it’s only our first year. Every day after school our team has practice from right after school till five o’clock. The practices start with warm ups and agilities for about ten minutes, then we drill for another ten. Once all of that is over with, the coaches teach us our moves for the day. This will typically take up the remainder of the practice. The final ten to fifteen minutes are filled with constant conditioning.

          We have wrestled Mapleton, Spanish Fork, Mt. Nebo, and Payson. They have all been really close matches up until we had forfeits.  The main reason is that we don’t have enough wrestlers. So now, all of you ninth graders, big guys, and little guys get to practice. We really need these weights or we’ll have to continue to forfeit. We really encourage you to join the team. It may be tough, but it’s worth it!


SaJHS Auditions for Annie the Musical

Jackson Badger
Annie will be performed March 26

This year for the school musical the directors, Mrs. Brooksby and Mrs. Stubbs, have decided to put on the production of “Annie.” Students were trying to keep their grades up all December so they would have a better shot at getting a part in the musical. Auditioners were practicing for days to get the song they chose to preform just right for the judges and directors. As a whole, I think all the students would agree that they were all really nervous, but had lots of fun.

The first audition on Monday was for both singing and dancing. To start off the directors divided everyone into groups. One group would stay behind and sing, the rest went on to the stage to learn a quick dance number to preform for the judges. To audition, students were asked to sing a short section of a Broadway song. Mrs. Brooksby played the piano herself, while Mrs. Stubbs sat in the back and judged the singing. After everyone was done, the directors sent the singers out to learn the dance, and then they ushered the next group in. This first audition happened on both Monday and Tuesday, so everyone in the school got a chance to try out. On Wednesday the “call back list” was posted. This informed the students who was going to being considered for leads. If you were on the list, you were
required to go to the final audition on Thursday. At the call back auditions, the directors passed out sheet music from the actual musical for participants to sing. Everyone sat together while people who were auditioning for certain parts sang the piece individually. After the singing, the directors had a huddle and chose a small group to stay behind while everyone else went home. Auditioners who stayed were given scripts and were able to act out the play. Several different scenes were role played, and parts were switched and mixed up. The final cast list was posted on Friday and students were able to breath a sigh of relief.

An auditioner, Helen Adams, said, “ I thought that auditioning was really fun. Everyone felt a little...well...really nervous, but we were all laughing. I liked how they let us choose are own music, and sing songs we know.” Lots of people felt the same way about the auditions, and are glad they tried.

The musical premiers March 26, so come and enjoy what students are already working so hard on.

SaJHS Band Concert

Ethan Mayfield and Paris Pray
Mr. Stolworthy and the SaJHS band

On Tuesday, December 18, 2012, Mr. Stolworthy put together an arrangement of band groups together for a big performance. The beginning band started it off with five great pieces, featuring the brass, wind, and percussion instruments.
The percussionists blew in with relaxing “Seaside Stroll” and performed a spectacular rendition of “Carol of The Bells”. Not to be out done, the jazz band played “All of Me” and other wonderful and exciting songs.
Finally, the concert band wrapped it up with a few bold pieces and familiar tunes. All in all, it was a great performance by everyone involved.

SaJHS Christmas Concert

Bailey Holdaway and Abby Workman

On Thursday, December 13, 2012, the Salem Jr. High School choir department put on an amazing performance. They had worked for two months on preparing their songs for this performance. Each choir group put on three songs, with two combined advanced group songs, and one combined with everyone. The Chorus 1 group did the songs "Winter Wonderland", "Pat-a-Pan", and an "African Angel Carol." Concert Choir put on the songs "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," "It's beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas," and "Believe" from The Polar Express. Women's Chorus did the songs "Sleigh Ride," "Mary Did You Know?" and "All I Want for Christmas is You." The last single group to preform was Chamber Singers singing "I Saw Three Ships," "Carol of Joy," and "It's Christmas!"  The Advanced Choir songs were "Carol of the Bells" and "Grandmas Killer Fruitcake." (No offense to grandmas who make fruitcake.) The song that all the choirs sang was "The First Noel." It was beautiful; everyone loved it. It was an amazing performance with a spectacular ending.

SHHS Choir Performs at SaJHS

Grant Gunderson & Braxton Adams

On Tuesday, December 18, 2012 during school we had a great assembly. The choir from SalemHills High School arrived and sang for us. Our own choir sang as well, and they both did a greatjob. They sang many Christmas songs that helped the school get ready for Christmas.

“I didn’t hear any mistakes.” said one of the students.

“I only wish it was longer.” said another.

Overall, most of the student body enjoyed the performance, and we all hope to make it a newtradition to have the choirs sing to us during the Christmas season. Altogether, both the choirsput on an awesome show, and represented our school very well. We hope to have them at ourschool again soon and are excited for the next performance. It sounded like it took a lot ofpractice and hard work. Just like our wonderful school!

Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh My!!

8th Grade Sewing Class with their friends!.JPG

Mrs. Thacker's 8th grade sewing class has had a great time this semester making all sorts of cute and creative stuffed animals. From giraffes to bears to elephants and almost anything else you can think of!

Boys Basketball Enjoying a Great Season!

Preston Powell & Brian Stewart
Breaking from a huddle

Boys Basketball: SaJHS vs DFJHS

            On December 13th, our Salem Spartans played a basketball game against the Diamond Fork Diamondbacks. At the start of the game, we had scored five points before the other team scored. After the first quarter, our score had risen to twenty, while the Diamondbacks score had risen to 10. It was an intense second quarter, and there were many fouls made on both teams. When the second quarter was over, we had scored thirty points while the Diamondbacks score had risen to fifteen points. During halftime, a dance competition was held. The winner turned out to be Kenyan Merrill when he got the most applause from the crowd. During the third quarter, the fouls only increased, but the points had also risen, we were now at thirty-five with Diamond Fork at 18 points. The last quarter was upon us, and we had the game in our hands. The Diamondbacks score was rising, but so was ours. The ending score was forty-five to twenty-three.


SaJHS Principal Awarded Utah Middle-Level Principal of the Year

Kai Hendry & Abby Hullinger
Authors, Kai Handry and Abby Hullinger, with Mrs. Kimball

Earlier this year, our principal, Mrs. Kimball won a state award. She was nominated by the administrators for the title of Middle-Level Principal of the Year! (“Middle-Level” meaning the Jr. High level.) She was rewarded with a Snoopy trophy and a trip to Washington D.C. with her husband. All of the award winning principals from every state were there, too.While she was in D.C., she and her husband met with Utah’s senators, Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee to discuss education in Utah.

We asked her how she felt when she won. She said, “I was surprised and humbled. There are a lot of great principals in the state. Winning this says a lot about the people I work with. You can’t do it yourself; the kids help make the school great!” Mrs. Kimball has done a wonderful job getting our new school up and running. We, as students, feel that Mrs. Kimball definitely qualifies for Principal of the Year because she genuinely cares about her students and works hard for us so we can get a better education. We are lucky to have her as our principal. We are proud of you, Mrs. Kimball!