Creative Writing Students Help Elementary Students

Mr. Dayton
Maddie Walter
Sarah Harvey
Chad Wright
Brock Nielsen
Sydnie Bleggi

The Creative Writing class recently visited Salem Elementary and helped several elementary students to write their own stories and taught them how much fun writing stories can be. They did a great job!

SaJHS Students on JV Soccer

Jane Eyre
Zac Baker on the soccer field

On April 9th, the Salem Hills High School JV team had a heated soccer game against Orem High School. They were tied during halftime at 0-0, and both teams were not going to let each other score. Our SkyHawks were fighting hard, when Orem slipped in a goal at the end of second half. Salem kept pushing hard and giving their all until the end of the game. The final score was 0-1.  The JV soccer team members from our school are Zac Baker, Clayton Van Fleet, Isaac Lee, Ethan Simmons, Caleb Sly, and Trevyn Zobell.

2013-14 Student Council

Lyndsie Christensen and Tia Hone
New Student Council Representatives

Many great students worked extremely hard to be on 2013-2014 Salem Junior High's student council. All of them wrote an essay and got a recommendation from a teacher of their choice, had an interview, and last they created two fun posters to hang up. Congrats to all who worked and got their name on the ballot. The school then voted on their choice of representatives. Monday, April 8th, the results were in.

 9th grade representatives:

 -Jane Eyre

-Lydnsie Christensen

-Abigal Hawkins

-Emma Fleming

-Cameron Bradshaw

-Addy Jacobson

 8th grade representatives:

 -Micah Button

-Sidney Sorenson

-Jessy Johnson

-Spencer VanAusdal

-Spencer Knap

 Great job to all of you! We are looking forward to see what you do next year!



March 2013 Students of the Month

Jo Lynn Ford

Congratulations to our March Students of the Month:

7th: Tory Summers and Brandon Gull

8th: Christina Horton and Drew Meservy

9th: Alexi Olson and K.C. Johnson


3rd Term Spartan Target Conference

Hayden Henrie and Nick Farley
Spartan Target Conference

The third term Spartan Target reflection has finished. For most classes there was a good turn out. There was great attendance and performance among the students and their parents. Most students came prepared to present their folders skillfully and professionally. In the case that you were not able to present your packet to a parent, you will need to either complete it during or after school. When you go to make it up you will need to go and get the folder from your sixth period teacher, and then you can choose to do it before school or after. If it is after school, you will make it up with your teacher. If you need to do it during school, you will have to do it in the counseling offices. If you were one of the students that could not make it the day of, we hope that you and your parents will be able to make it up quickly.

Chamber Singers Festival

Jackson Badger and Reagan Fausett
Chamber Singers Festival
Performing at Salem Hills High School
Chamber Singers Festival

On Thursday, March 29 a crowd of choir students excitedly traveled over to the Salem High school for a high level singing competition. This year the Chamber Singers Festival would be judged by Mr. Bills; the SHHS choir director. Originally only the Chamber singers themselves were supposed to go, but because Women's Chorus was so advanced they came as well. Once we arrived we sat in the high school auditorium to watch other choirs preform. Jr. High's from all over the district came to show off their best choirs. The Salem Jr. Women's Chorus was third to perform. They sang The Voice, Dirai-ton, and Kaki Lambe. Their performance was amazing. Salem Jr. Chamber Singers were the last to perform. We sang O Sifuni Mungu, Earth Song, and Let Everything that Hath Breath. The audience gave us a standing ovation! Both Women's Chorus and Chamber Singers received a Superior rating and great comments from the judge. They thoroughly enjoyed this event and look forward to it next year!

Annie Jr: Outstanding Performance!

Mikela Marvin
Annie Jr Cast
Annie Jr Cast
Annie and the orphans
Its a hard luck life
Annie at Daddy Warbucks

This year Salem Junior High's Musical production was Annie Jr.  Annie is about an orphan who gets adopted by a billionaire, Mr. Warbucks played by Ben Ewell.  Annie was played by Aspen Ruiz, who stunned the audience with her performance.  Some of the musical performances included Maybe, I Think I’m Gonna like It Here, NYC, and Tomorrow. This play was magnificent, and you could tell the students in this production worked really hard to make this play fantastic. Ms. Stubbs the drama teacher was the director, while Mrs. Brooksby was the musical advisor/ co-director, and Mrs. Hopes the Choreographer. They did a great job on this play the great production it was. The shows running dates were March 20 thru the 23. We thank you all who came and saw this amazing performance. The students in the play really appreciated it, and encourage you to audition for next year’s musical.

Anti-Bullying Assembly

Seth Wride and Kyle Larsen
Nick Vujicic Assembly

On Monday March 18, 2013 the classes watched a motivational movie by a man name Nick Vujicic.  He has no arms or legs, just a little foot with two toes on his left side.  He talked about not giving up in life.  And how we all need to keep moving forward.  He told us how he got though is trials and hardships in his life.  He said that his religion was a big part in his success in life. He taught us that no matter what there is hope in the world.

He also talked about bullying, and suicide prevention.  He gave some startling statistics about bullying.  He said that over 60% of teenagers at school have been bullied.  That statistic shows that everyone needs to work harder at not bullying.  He talked about how teasing is the same as bullying to a victim.  He also talked about suicide prevention.  He took a survey about suicides, and it told that most suicides were a result of bullying.  In the auditorium he was at he made the students close their eyes, and raise their hand if the question applied to them.  He said that one in four students have had suicidal thoughts.  These numbers are shocking, and we think we should stop bullying all together.


Olympic Time Changes

Braxton Adams & Grant Gunderson
Olympic Time Changes

 To start off the new term we have a new schedule. Instead of the usual 25 minute olympic time during 7th period Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, we now have 43 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The teachers felt the need for a change because there just wasn’t enough time in the single period to re teach lessons to those who needed them. Instead of having all the free time we now have an academic based advisory period. This way there is more intervention for those that are struggling with their grades. Using the mini report cards the teachers can use (I’s) to flag a student so that they can acquire the help that they need. We asked a few students about what they thought of it, and most of them were negative. One said, “It isn’t fair to those who have good grades.” Although it is more academic based, there will still be fun enrichment activities for those who have no I’s. On Tuesday and Thursday the other class periods are shortened by 2 minutes to make up for the extra time.  On Monday and Friday the class periods are longer, at 50 minutes long.  On Wednesday, the schedule stays the same.





We are implementing new procedures for Olympic Time.   View this Olympic Time Video for more information. 

Olympic Time will be held twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday and will be academic activities. Students will be able to get help from teachers, enjoy silent reading time or silent study time.