What's happening in math

Brandon Spencer

We interviewed a few teachers from the school. We interviewed Ms. Jackson a 7th grade teacher, Ms. Gonzales an 8th grade teacher, and Ms. Mendenhall a 9th grade teacher. We asked the teachers what's going on in math right now. We asked them if they preferred to teach with aleks, and we asked them what their favorite subject to teach in math is.

Ms. Jackson is currently teaching proportional relationships right now in math. She says that Aleks is good for teaching but she prefers normal teaching instead of Aleks. Her favorite subject to teach in math is teaching probability.

Ms. Gonzales is currently teaching angle relationship in math honors and graphing in normal math. She says that Aleks is beneficial, and a good reminder. She doesn’t have it right now but she wants to get it. Her favorite thing to teach in math is solving system of equations.

Ms. Mendenhall is teaching discrete and continuous functions in math honors, and she’s teaching systems of equation inequality in normal math. Her favorite subject to teach in math is just solving equations. She prefers to teach with Aleks. She also says that more people need to do math munchers because there are only about 15-20 total who do it each month.



Mallory Anderson

This past week our school has been talking about being resilient. We’ve discussed how to be resilient, and what it means to bounce back. You’re not alone in feeling left out or unnoticed. Be positive it always makes you and others feel better, making you more noticeable.  Being positive sparks the flame of resilience. A positive attitude is hard for some people, you attract what you focus on, if you’re always pessimistic you’ll see everything as bad and unhappy. Those who are always complaining attract those who complain. Those who are always happy and smiling and friendly attract those who are happy.

Our school deserves a happy and welcoming atmosphere. Say hello to others you don’t usually recognize. Praise others on their accomplishments. Make this school a place that people want to come to, a place to feel comfortable, safe, and wanted. Being positive and welcoming makes you more resilient, it makes you more confident the word positive is code for,”I can do it!”. Keep smiling and you can confront anyone or anything and take it on. You can accomplish any dream you aspire to complete. Make our school the best it can be! GO SPARTANS!! 

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Students of the Month for January


The Students of the Month have been chosen for January. Make sure to congratulate them if you see them. They were nominated by their teachers because of their positive attitudes and work ethic that they have shown in class. 


7th Grade:
  • Alydia Haskell 
  • Jake Clarke

8th Grade:

  • Sydney Wulfenstein
  • Luis Sion 
9th Grade:
  • Ellie Howard 
  • Matthew Warren 


Max Staheli wins the school-wide geography bee

Jaden Jolley, Max Staheli, and Zac Anson

Congratulations to Max Staheli who won the school-wide geography bee today. Every year, students in the 8th grade have an opportunity to participate in a geography bee, and the winners go on to compete on the school level. Max Staheli won the bee with a question about Nepal and snow leopards. Second place went to Jaden Jolley and Zac Anson finished third.

All students did a great job, and it was fun seeing parents and family there to support them. Way to be Spartan Strong guys.

SaJHS Track and Field begins March 7th

Tiffany Rowley

Salem Jr High Track and Field begins Tues. March 7th! All paperwork must be completed before athletes may attend practice. Forms are online at registermyathlete.com (The physical form needs to be printed out, filled out by a physician, then returned to Suzette Hartivgsen. There are printed physical forms in the office if you prefer a pre-printed form).

Fees can be paid in the finance office. 


Come dressed and ready to practice on March 7th!


Thanksgiving Point STEM program visits SaJHS

Kellie Roberts

On the 17th and 18th of January, Thanksgiving Point Educators came to our 8th grade science classes and did STEM enrichment on construction of buildings that can withstand different types of earthquake waves.  Students constructed earthquake-proof buildings and then  the Thanksgiving Point Educators ran the students' designs through the rigors of an earthquake simulator. Students had a great time and learned more about how STEM is used in the real world.

Spartans had a good showing at district championships

Suzette Hartvigsen
Photo credit: Coleman Snyder

Our wrestling team when to the district championship last week. All of our wrestlers put in a lot of hard work this season, and as a team, they got some pretty good results. Here are the students who placed in the championship:

4th Place: Hollister Hogle, Matt Casperson, Julian Gomez and Kenton Parkin

3rd Place: Tage Thomas, Dawson Wood, Luke Degraffenried and Peyton Bowden 

2nd Place: Brayden Thurgood 

1st Place: Clay Lyman 

The team placed 3rd overall in the district. Go Spartans!


School Dance January 12

Ashlyn Westwood

School dances are a fun way to get together as students of Salem Jr. High and have a great time. Our next school dance will be January 12, 2017 and will go from 7-9. Remember that you must bring your student ID and also $3. If you have any tardies or sluffs then be sure to make those up or you will not be able to attend. You must be picked up at approximately 9:00 pm and there will be no activity of any sort at the school after the dance.

Make sure to tell your friends to come with you to the dance and have a great time! It will be fun. Don’t forget the things that you need to get into the dance or you will not be able to attend. Also make up all tardies or sluffs before hand. Thanks for all the support and fun we have here at Salem. Go Spartans!!!

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Legacy Wall at Salem Jr High

Our new Legacy Wall, which highlights "Liberty's Story," was installed over the Christmas Break in the 300 Hall by the Cafeteria. It looks awesome! Thanks to all those who contributed money to bring it to our school. We raised nearly $4000 through community donations. Come by the school some time and see it. You can also learn more by using the interactive features online by scanning the QR code located on the first plaque of the wall. Thank you so much for your support of Salem Junior High School.