New Shipment of Library Books!

Gracie Gagon

The library is getting a huge new shipment of books this Tuesday! Some of the new books include: Calamity, Beauty of Darkness, Heart of Betrayal, Hikaru no go series, along with many other interesting series and novels. All of these books are fun to read and so interesting. Be sure to check out all of the new shipments of awesome books this coming week!

Winners of our first school Spelling Bee

Taggert Brower

Congratulations to Lexi Webster and Lana Marks who won the school-wide spelling bee! Lexi Webster got 1st place and  Lana Marks was right behind her in 2nd place.  They lasted 18 rounds!  They are going to State on March 25th.  The journalism team interviewed Lana and she said that she studied for an hour to get to 2nd place.  1st place winner Lexi Webster got a $15 gift card to iTunes and Lana Marks received a $10 dollar gift card to Burger King.  Congratulations to you both and good luck at State!

February Math Muncher Question 1

Every month, our math teachers challenge students at our school by posting three questions that students can answer to get tickets to enter a drawing at the end of the month. One student from each grade is chosen to win a prize. Each question gets progressively harder and is worth more tickets. Question 1 is worth one ticket, Question 2 is worth two tickets, and Question 3 is, of course, worth 3 tickets. This is Question 1 for the month of February. Can you answer it? Share with your friends to see if they can as well.


Students of the Month for February


The students of the month for February have been announced. These students have really impressed their teachers with their work ethic and great attitudes. Here at SaJHS we try to recognize as many students as possible who are doing great things. Make sure to congratulate them if you see them

These are the ones we chose for February: 

7th: Lainy Edwards and Tyler Larsen

8th: Lexie Bishop and Corbin Swartz

9th: Miah Hartvigsen and Jared Arce


Band students play for the classes taught by Mrs. Peery and Miss Swenson

Daniel Stolworthy
The following instruments were shown: Oboe, Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, and Bassoon.

Mr. Stolworthy brought the 7th grade beginning woodwind class to visit Mrs. Peery's and Miss Swenson's class yesterday to show them the woodwind instruments and play some songs for them to identify. Songs included "7 Nation Army" "Light Em Up" "Rude" "Pompeii" and some simple songs like "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and "Old MacDonald." These are our two self-contained units in the school and the kids really appreciate it when other students come by to share their time and their talents. They loved the songs and everyone had a great time. Mrs. Peery said that she heard one 7th grade musician exclaim that she would like to visit those classes and play her instrument for them every day. Just one more example of our great students being Spartan Strong.

The students who played for the classes:

Adrine Abad, Samantha Bleggi, Calvin Boothe, Jarron Edman, Lucia Huntsman, Ashlyn Hutchings, Amy Johnson, Brayden Johnson, William Underwood, Tyme Ward, Lexy Webster, and Meili Wilder


A Teachers Purpose

Jared Kearns

When most people think of a teacher they think of a crabby adult with not enough sleep, too much coffee and a bad attitude. But nobody ever wonders how the teachers got there, I interviewed several teachers on how they got where they are now and here are their responses.

Mr. McGrath: His story was a really interesting one to me it was more finding out what he loved to do in life than to make a buck, (plus if your a teacher, I don’t think money is ever going to be your motivation).  He told me about how he was stuck working in a job that he didn’t like, he didn’t feel like he was doing what he needed to do. “I wanted to do something that I felt mattered” McGrath told me when I asked him what his motivation was. He told me his favorite part about teaching was the pivotal influence on teenagers, working with them through their trials and helping then with their ideas. “I love helping them reach their potential to help them find out what they are really capable of”. A teacher’s purpose is “To teach kids to be life long learners, as long as you’re able to learn that’s what matters.” 

Ms. Howard told me her story about how she got into teaching, she couldn’t picture herself doing anything else besides teaching kids and inspiring youth on their path to success. “Some of my middle school teachers were intimidating so I wanted to make middle school a more positive place” She wanted to inspire a love of learning that would last her kids throughout the rest of their lives. “Everyday is exciting and different” She loves working with the kids seeing their new ideas in action. Ms. Howard has had a truly unique experience becoming a teacher. A teacher’s purpose is ” To encourage kids love learning and school to inspire them to succeed.”

This is article one of a teachers purpose check back next week to see more of your teachers backstories. And That is a teachers purpose.


Natalie Wixom, Miss Kings Peak, talks about the shoe drive

We are doing a shoe drive up until February 17th. Our goal is to collect 1000 shoes that will be sent to needy kids in Africa or they will be recycled and the money from that will help communities by paying to build wells and farms among other things.

Shoe Drive with Miss Utah Organization


Our SaJHS National Jr. Honors Society is teaming up with Miss Utah to collect shoe donations to help the needy abroad. The Shoe Drive is collecting shoes from now until February 17. We want any type of shoes you can give us. They give away shoes that are in good quality, and even shoes that aren't usable can be recycled and the money is used to help people. Send your shoes with your students. Our goal is to get 1000 shoes!

SaJHS Drama Department Presents: Guys and Dolls

Emily Weber

It is that time of year for the annual school play and the drama department is super excited to present Guys and Dolls based on a story and characters by Damon Runyon.

The play is based in the 1930’s starting out with Nathan Detroit’s (Zac Webster) efforts to find a different place to run his illegal craps game without the police finding out. He needs to secure the place to have it but he is $1000 short on the money he needs to run it while hiding it from his fiance miss Adelaide (Pheobe Terry) star of the hot box. That is where Sky Masterson (Jacob Ith) enters. Nathan bets Sky the $1000 he needs that he cannot take Miss Sarah Brown (Hannah Veach) a very spiritual woman that is very against sinning to Havana. You will have to come and see what happens next

The play will be held at 7:00 on Feb 21, 22, 24, and 25 at Salem Jr High (598 N Main Street, Ut 84653) The cost for adults is $5, the cost for kids is $3, and the cost for students with your student ID is $3.  The play has been super fun for the students and have helped them learn many skills. Thanks you to all the teachers who have helped with the play (Ashworth, Guthrie, Ortiz, and Daniel) they have had a great time! The students have worked super hard so come and support them!


Chamber Choir Performs at Abravanel Hall

Dalan Guthrie

It wasn't well publicized, but on Saturday, February 28 Chamber Singers had the opportunity to go to Abravanel Hall and be a guest choir for the State Honor Choir event that was held. This is a very high honor for the choirs to be invited and Abravanel is the premiere performing venue in Utah. 

Not only were they invited, but they gave one of the most stunning performances. They are singing well beyond their years in both technique and repertoire this year. We have a very special group. They represented the school well and I am really proud of them. 
Take a listen!  Make sure to listen from 5:30 to 6:50. You won't regret it!