A Teachers Purpose: Part 2

Jared Kearns

This week on a Teacher’s Purpose, I am interviewing Mr. Moser and Senor Brandon. Teacher's purpose is a blog where I ask teachers their story of how they got into teaching and what they like about it.

Mr. Moser said he was very shy he had no intention of becoming a teacher. After he went on a “two year vacation” and learned to teach he realized that he enjoyed educating people in topics he felt passionate about. His dad  was in science so he decided to teach science. “what we have is what we feel worth teaching” Life is a lot more than getting a job. A teachers purpose is, “To be an example, and an inspiration, to help them down the same path that we went down, and to help the find their own path.”

Senor Brandon told me he had some good teachers who were good examples to him in high school. He likes to hang out with the students and make them feel wanted and needed. A teachers purpose is to help kids find their place, I don’t try to hide myself when I teach them, and teach the kids to be their own person.

Aerobic Conditioning Learns about Yoga

KyLynn James
Students in Ms. James's class experimenting with Yoga poses

Ms. James aerobic conditioning students have recently completed their yoga unit. Students learned about some of the history of yoga as well as the benefits to practicing yoga. After having the opportunity to try several different types of yoga and create their own yoga sequences, Ms. James was able to bring in a guest instructor where the students were able to enjoy a full yoga class of individual, team building, and mediation exercises. 

Hope Squad: Learning to help others

Amy Haider

Three of our amazing students were able to attend a Hope Squad training today in Provo. They learned valuable information in how to help their fellow students who may be facing difficult challenges. We're so lucky to have such caring students who look out for each other!

Underwater Robotics

Andria Spencer

Underwater robotics is an after school 4h club. They had a competition March 23, 2017. They competed at Lehi Rec Center. Underwater robotics is a club where you and your team build a robot with the materials given, then they send it into the water to go grab some items. One of the groups at our school made it into the top 10. They said they used many useful tactics such as: pool noodles to help it, the pool noodles made it not completely sink or float. They also used tons of superglue to hold it all together. They said the best part was building the robot and then just getting to hang out and eat lunch, then of course the competition. They were in the rookie competition because it was their first year, however they did make it into the top 10. They did an amazing job. Good job to our Underwater Robotics 4h club!

College Week Madness at SaJHS

Cameo Johnson

Salem Jr. High Counseling Department announces the first ever College Week Madness Tournament to be held during the week of March 20 - 24, 2017.  The purpose of College Week Madness is to help students become more aware of what going to college is all about by participating in fun daily activities to increase their college knowledge.  The activities will take place at lunchtime and during Advisory classes.  Students can earn points for their team by wearing college apparel every day of the week, correctly answering college trivia questions at lunch time with the chance to win college “swag” for themselves, and participating in daily activities during their Advisory period.   Advisory classes will compete against each other in a “March Madness” type bracket tournament.  Winners will be announced on March 27 in the following categories:  Top Bracket Winner, Overall Points Winner, and Poster Contest Winner.    Get ready to play!   Get ready to win!

Congratulations to the boys who made the high school team

Yubo Cooper

I played high school soccer in the fall and I know for a certain that  it takes lots of time and dedication to be on the team. Spend lots of hours out of school for games and everyday after school. Its also important to keep up with school and make sure that soccer doesn’t get in the way of it. Soccer team also gives you an opportunity to make close friends and learn new skills to always keep improving as a team. High school soccer helps you learn how to work as a team on and off the field and it also helps you get exercise everyday and get stronger. It takes lots of time and energy, but it is definitely worth it!

We are proud of the all the boys that put in all the hard work for soccer tryouts last week. We had freshmen that made it to the sophomore, JV, and Varsity. Sophomore team: Zach Hunter, Ian Lazarte, Cole Jones, Larsen Brown, Mckay Neubert, Peyton Bowden, Ashton Burgon, Tyler Goold, Tyrel Bird, and Riley Guest. JV team: Jake Meuter, Jacob Shallenberger, Jordan Ware, Zach Holmes, Andrew Palomar, Kyler Holman, and Sam Adams. Varsity: Brandt Wilcox and Taos Dye. Congratulations to all of you that made the high school team!

It is going to be a wonderful season! The season officially starts March 21!  We can’t wait to see these boys play together. We would love to see lots of support from students and parents at home games to cheer on the boys.

Students of the Month for March

From left to right: Talon Seybold, Zachary Hunter, Jordan Hartvigsen, Baryden Johnson, and Chloe Peterson

Here are the students of the month for March. Make sure that you congratulate them if you see them. These students have stood out among their peers as being great examples of what it means to be Spartan Strong. Teachers choose these students for a variety of reasons: leadership, impressive growth, hard work, great attitude, kindness to their peers. Whatever the reasons, these kids are great examples of how awesome our student body is.

7th: Chloe Peterson, Brayden Johnson
8th: Talon Seybold, Jordan Hartvigsen
9th: Anissa Edman, Zachary Hunter

The next Choir performance is gonna knock your socks off!

Megan Mayo

All the choir students have been working hard in class, and outside of class to get their songs ready! The choir has usually only one concert a term, but this term some of the choirs have more than one performance!  There are 5 wonderful choirs at our school, Chamber, Women’s Choirs (both are auditioned choirs,) Concert Choir, and last but not least Chorus One Men’s Chorus, and Women’s Chorus.

There will be three out of the five choirs going to festival later this month, Chamber, Advanced Women’s chorus, and Concert Choir.  If you aren’t familiar to the word festival it is where choirs, orchestras, bands, etc. go and play their songs and get judged.  It is a great experience, and a great way to get feedback on how your group is doing with sound, and lots more!

Important dates to remember.  March 11th advanced choirs (Chamber, and Auditioned Women’s Chorus,) workshop with professional choir Luxs at Salem Jr high from 1-4 pm.  Then, later that evening there is a concert with Luxs at 7pm at Salem Hills High School.  March 14 Concert Choir is going to the intermediate Choir festival at Salem Hills High School from 9-12 pm. March 16th all Choirs are performing at the high school at 7 pm.  March 24 Chamber, and Women’s chorus are going to the advanced Choir festival at Payson High school from 9-12 pm.  Then on March 29th the auditioned Women’s Chorus are going to festival at the Libby Garden Singing house in SLC.

You can come support our choirs by coming and watching some of their performances.  The most convenient concert that is coming up the Concert with all the choirs on March 16th at Salem Hills High School starting at 7:00 pm.  It’s absolutely free, but there’s always a good turn out so come by 6:30 when the doors open so you can get a seat! At the concert,  each choir sings their own songs, one combined number with the advanced choirs (chamber, concert choir, and the auditioned women’s chorus), and a combined number with all the choirs at our school. Come support your friends!  


So many things happening here at SaJHS

Sydni Clem

What’s going on around the school? Well, there’s been a lot going on since the end of the year is coming up! We lately have had our school talent show and we have had a lot of tryouts for 9th graders! Sage testing is coming up along with all the activities going on.

Tryout Season:

We have lots of tryouts for the 9th graders who are moving on to high school. There are tryouts for soccer, baseball, softball, cheer, drill team and more!

At the Jr. High there are tennis tryouts for the boys.


Track is coming up! It started yesterday! (Wednesday, March 8) The first meet was held in the Multi-purpose room. Some of the events are sprints, hurtles, relays, long distance, and long jump. There is an event for everyone!

The talent show was on March 6. Our school has so much talent! There were things from singing, to piano, to yo-yos.

Sage testing is right around the corner! The day we can start testing is Monday, March 27. We will have testing in English, Math, and Science.

The End of the Term is approaching on Thursday, March 16. There will be no school on Friday, March 17.