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Writing Contest Winners

Submitted by on Tue, 02/26/2013 - 21:52
Katherine Weber and Breanne Iverson
Winners: Brandon Gull, Sariah Ford, Sienna Pfaff, Hallie Reynolds, Miss Jenna Eatough

On Friday February 22, 2013 some of our amazing seventh grade writers were awarded for their writing skills. In the Dragon Comet Short Story Contest, Brandon Gull won 2nd place for his story, "Center of the Moon." Sienna Pfaff placed 3rd for her story, "The Coo-Coo Birds Hour," and Sariah Ford earned honorable mention for her story,"Unexpected." Hallie Reynolds won 1st place in the Odyssey Poetry Contest for her poem, "In my Dream." Miss Jenna Eatough from Life Universe and Everything came to award these students with their certificates. She told the students “…the written word is the promise of the future.” We would like to recognize our talented seventh graders and encourage them to keep writing!