Track started March 7

Leah Adams

Track started March 7. Summer Wilde, 8th grader, loves doing track and does the high jump where you run and jump over a bar onto a mat. “There is something for everyone to do in track and field,” Wilde says. “There is sprinting, distance running, jumping, and throwing.” Track is there for kids to get outdoors and have a good time with their friends. So many kids join the track and field team that nobody could go lonely, “It is a great opportunity to make new friends,” Wilde explains. There is so much to be doing, and you may even discover that you like doing something in another area too. So no excuses!

Kaprianna Bogges, 8th grader, is a sprinter in track & field, she does the 4x400 with Leah Adams and will be getting new recruits later in the season. Kapri loves track and trains throughout the year for it, and is so pumped for when it starts. She has great team spirit and is always giving advice to someone who needs a little help or anything. Kapri tells how she loves all the people on the team and is so excited when so many kids sign up. “We always have a great team and so much fun! everyone is included.” she says “Our team, is our family”.

If you are interested in joining track & field, practices start March 7. find Coach Blanchard for the paperwork. After you have it signed and paid for, you can return it to Mrs. Beardall in the finance office. Remember that track is for everyone and everyone's company will be appreciated on the team. Hoping that we will see you at practice!