A Teachers Purpose

Jared Kearns

When most people think of a teacher they think of a crabby adult with not enough sleep, too much coffee and a bad attitude. But nobody ever wonders how the teachers got there, I interviewed several teachers on how they got where they are now and here are their responses.

Mr. McGrath: His story was a really interesting one to me it was more finding out what he loved to do in life than to make a buck, (plus if your a teacher, I don’t think money is ever going to be your motivation).  He told me about how he was stuck working in a job that he didn’t like, he didn’t feel like he was doing what he needed to do. “I wanted to do something that I felt mattered” McGrath told me when I asked him what his motivation was. He told me his favorite part about teaching was the pivotal influence on teenagers, working with them through their trials and helping then with their ideas. “I love helping them reach their potential to help them find out what they are really capable of”. A teacher’s purpose is “To teach kids to be life long learners, as long as you’re able to learn that’s what matters.” 

Ms. Howard told me her story about how she got into teaching, she couldn’t picture herself doing anything else besides teaching kids and inspiring youth on their path to success. “Some of my middle school teachers were intimidating so I wanted to make middle school a more positive place” She wanted to inspire a love of learning that would last her kids throughout the rest of their lives. “Everyday is exciting and different” She loves working with the kids seeing their new ideas in action. Ms. Howard has had a truly unique experience becoming a teacher. A teacher’s purpose is ” To encourage kids love learning and school to inspire them to succeed.”

This is article one of a teachers purpose check back next week to see more of your teachers backstories. And That is a teachers purpose.