Teacher Spotlight- Mr. Winget

Shaylee Obray

We have some amazing teachers at our school who dedicate each and every day to ensure that we have a great future. But have you ever wondered who teachers are outside of school? I interviewed Mr. Winget, a seventh and eighth grade history teacher, about his life and he had some pretty great stories to tell us!

Mr. Winget grew up in Murray, Utah with his five other siblings. He was the youngest boy, with a younger sister after him. Mr. Winget attended Murray High School all four years, and enjoyed it very much. He had great grades and perfect attendance! His best friend's name was Blaine Church, and they had some pretty crazy adventures together. “ There used to be two really tall smoke stacks where the hospital is now,” Explains Winget “ Probably about five hundred feet high, with danger keep out signs every where. Me and blaine decided to climb it together one night, and so we did!” Mr. Winget enjoyed his childhood and teenage days very much!

After High School, Mr. winget attended BYU before switching over to Utah State University. He played college football and basketball there. He soon after served his Lds mission and when he came home,  he went back to Byu. One day he was studying with a girl when her roommate walked through the door. “ I thought ‘hey that one’s cute.’” Soon after Mr. and Mrs. Winget got married and had five kids. They now have twenty two grandkids as well. Mr. Winget absolutely LOVES teaching. “ The eighth graders this year have been awesome! I will miss them next year.” We are so lucky to have the teachers that we do here at SAJHS!!!!!!